ZibZoom Review


Where do you first look when you are seeking information about a product or want answers to a problem? My guess is you’ve probably answered that you “Google” it. With 300,000,000 searches being made on line each day it just goes to show you the power of the internet.

ZibZoom is a fairly new search engine service that has been created as an alternative to the giants, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. that has a unique difference in that it allows people to purchase those all important keywords and phrases and then get paid by the company every time that some one clicks on them, as part of their Pay Per Click program. Their network marketing arm of the business goes under the name of MyZibZoom and is different from other network marketing opportunities in as much as a person can actually bid and earn a commission without ever having to make a sale or enroll new members.

Traditionally the big boys have kept all of their advertising revenue for themselves but ZibZoom is turning this around by offering an opportunity for companies and ambitious online marketers to buy keywords and rate their performance, allowing them to launch their own targeted advertising campaigns based on performance, known as Cost Per Click advertising. You can join up for free to buy keywords and then it costs from $1 to place a bid on their auction site.

Every time that your particular keyword or phrase gets clicked on, the company will pay you a commission. Alternatively, a person can actively promote ZibZoom, plus its products and services to their online customers and recruit new members into their team. The compensation plan has two levels of entry, Prime Distributor, costing $50 and Pacesetter Distributor which costs $125 and there are six ways to earn money including retail sales, fast start and team bonus.

So can you make money with ZibZoom? If you simply want to purchase keywords and phrases and profit from them, then you need to identify which keywords are going to be profitable and the best words aren’t going to come cheap. Alternatively, if you want to promote the products and services and benefit from the compensation plan, then you are going to need good marketing skills to generate traffic to a website and start recruiting team members. You will need to work hard and have a determination to succeed but this seems an attractive opportunity in a rapidly growing market.

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