Your Squeeze Page – The Ultimate List-Building Tool


If you’ve done any online marketing at all, you are no doubt familiar with the concept of squeeze pages. If you have one and it isn’t doing the job you expected, you’ll want to explore the reasons so that you can begin implementing improvements. Keep in mind that the sole purpose of your squeeze page is to build your subscriber list… period!

Think of your squeeze page as your top-line seller. You need to grab your visitor’s attention and compel them to give you their contact information. Your opt-in page needs to be able to do this within one glance because that’s all the time your visitor is going to give you.

Consumers today are smarter and more sophisticated than ever. They’ve seen it all and aren’t so easily duped. They tend to view most things with a highly critical and skeptical eye and rightly so. That’s because unfortunately, hype still abounds. The fact that people are more cautious doesn’t stop (or even slow down) the unscrupulous folks from trying. Scamsters too are becoming more sophisticated. They realize that consumers are no longer falling for the ‘loudest’ and ‘most outrageous’ pitches anymore. Their tactics are far more subtle and harder to discern.

It seems that everyone these days – from wannabe internet marketers to major Fortune 500 companies – are taking advantage of the low-cost, easier and faster ways of advertising online. Compared to the exorbitant costs of traditional offline advertising, utilizing the internet is a no-brainer both in terms of money and time. By developing lists of subscribers, individuals and companies are able to tap into their virtual cash machines at will with practically no more expended capital or effort once it is properly set up.

Two Ways to Get Subscribers

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Email marketing is no exception. Let’s start with what NOT to do. Some people are lured by the easy glitter of buying an email list, “Send a bazillion emails for free”. This is a waste of time on many levels. First of all, you won’t be able to send out that amount of emails on your own as you’ll very quickly get shut down by your ISP. Even if you have an autoresponder service such as Aweber or Get Response, you will not be allowed to upload such a list. With these types of companies, you can only send your messages to opt-in subscribers because of one little word, “Spam”. Plain and simple, it’s against the law to send spam! Don’t do it. Period.

So what is the right way? Well, it may seem to take a bit longer to develop an opt-in list, but you’ll be able to get in and STAY IN the game for a lot longer time. You start with an attractive ‘squeeze page’, a web page specially designed for the sole purpose of collecting subscriber information, usually as little as an email address to start. This page must tell the potential subscribers what’s in it for them in a concise, exciting and compelling way. Your page must promise something that they want enough to be willing to exchange their email address.

In order to insure the highest quality of subscribers, you’ll want to use what is called a ‘double opt-in’ process. Most of the better autoresponder services now require this as protection for you as you’ll get far less complaints and unsubscribes. Whenever you have a choice, always go with ‘double opt-in’.

Getting Them Is Easy – The Trick Is to Keep Them

OK, so you’ve got subscribers signing up for your email list. See, that isn’t so hard, is it? But now you’ve got to keep them! Two things you need to know about subscribers – 1) they’ve got very short attention spans and 2) they’re fickle; they’ll quickly jump to the next shiny object if you don’t deliver on your initial promise.

In order to do that, you need exceptional content that delivers in a friendly, entertaining way exactly the information you promised. You’ll find that you don’t need a HUGE list; your aim should be to develop a RESPONSIVE list. And that is done by cultivating a trusting relationship with each of your readers slowly over time.

Let’s Recap Your Game Plan

Your Squeeze Page needs to be short, attractive and compelling… and HONEST!
Use a double opt-in to protect yourself from complaints and unsubscribes
Provide exactly what you promised.

If you can do these things in an interesting and entertaining way, your list (and income) will grow indefinitely!

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