Your Email Open Rates Can Be Improved


It is no longer uncommon for someone to have hundreds of unopened emails in their inbox. The average person gets tons of electronic mail every day.

People become absolutely inundated in email from many different sources. So, if you want your message to stand out you have to create a knock em’ out subject line. One that will grab attention and make a good impression. There are several different types of subject lines that grab a reader’s attention. I have listed some of them.

1. Funny. Humor is one of the best attention getters. You have to be careful when using it but if you have a handle on your audience you should be able to use a well-placed joke to get attention.

2. Straight forward. Keeping it simple works. A study confirmed that short lines that are descriptive get more attention.

3. One word. This is keeping it even simpler and it works. Using a single feeling word like Open, Happy, Panic, etc. gets the reader to begin asking questions and to open your mail out of curiosity.

4. Numbers and lists. Use lists with numbers like the 7 deadliest email sins or the 5 hottest stocks to buy. Numbers visually clash getting the reader’s attention.

5. Personalized. This does not mean use the recipient’s name. Users are used to seeing their name in the subject line and pass right over those. Use your brand instead. The line for the subject should answer the following three basic questions for the recipient. Who is the mail from? (Use your brand in the subject line to answer this question). What’s in it for me? Should I open it?

6. Punctuation. Using punctuation in the line for the subject gets attention. Don’t just use exclamation points because these are over used. Experiment with ellipses, question marks, quotes, etc.

There are other things, in addition to writing a great subject line that can be done to improve your email open rate. One of these things is to make sure that the email is recognizable. Make sure that the user can recognize that the email is from you. Most people are cautious about opening up emails from origins that they can’t be sure of. So use your brand in the subject line.

A second thing to do would be to add a permission reminder. Permission reminders are messages that appear in small print above an email that can be used to remind the recipient that they requested to receive email from you. It is also used to remind recipients to add you to their address book.

A third thing to do would be to continue to be relevant. Target your list by segmenting the list or adding labels.

A fourth thing to do would be to set a time schedule of when you would be sending mail and stick to that schedule. This way your readers will know what to expect.

A fifth thing to do would be to clean out outdated email addresses.

A sixth thing to do would be to use a spam checker to make sure that your email lands in your reader’s inbox.

A seventh thing to do would be to test and come up with the best times to send email.

An eighth thing to do would be to make sure that you are only using about 50 characters in the subject line.

A ninth thing to do would be to avoid words that your reader avoids. Some of these words are help, percent off and reminder. You can find more words not to use by searching “words to avoid in subject line.”

It is best to check your open rates about 48 hours after sending. Practice using the tips found in this article and your email open rates should get better.

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