Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working, Is It?


Here’s the thing – that question could probably be asked about a lot of different “tasks” online.

Because it’s not just your email marketing that isn’t working. You have traffic channels. They aren’t bringing you enough traffic. You look at each one, and something is wrong with each. Then someone comes to your site and they don’t engage. So your landing page isn’t working. Then someone does join your list, and they are supposed to get a series of automated emails from you.

But the emails you send aren’t just right for that one person. So that person doesn’t buy. So you adjust the campaign for that type of person, then someone else doesn’t buy. So then you read that you should have multiple lists, and do some kind of screening up front to put people in the right list. You try that, it becomes too complicated. Or you find that people are getting into the wrong lists.

Then there is… what do you sell? Is it a $37 product with 1 hour of training? Or a $97 product with 3 hours of training? Or a $497 with 10 hours of training? What to charge for coaching? You raise your prices, get a few good clients. Get discouraged because you don’t have enough new clients. Reduce your price and find you are making less overall.

Does this sound familiar?

I think it is like this for just about every marketer – successful or unsuccessful. So what is the difference with the successful ones?

I believe they have a unifying concept that everything ties into. It isn’t about “driving more traffic” or “writing the perfect email.” It’s about a unifying concept that draws people to you like clockwork.

You see, you don’t measure success in clicks. You don’t measure success in opens or reads or even first-purchases. In fact, even if you measure in dollars, your measurement is probably off. It’s not consistent week to week. Month to month.

But if instead you focus on changing lives instead of driving traffic, you find you get more traffic.

If you focus on changing lives in your emails instead of having the perfect conversion method in your emails, you will find that as lives change, people invest in you. They pay you to continue changing their lives. But your focus has to get off of selling and onto changing lives. When you change lives, everything changes.

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