Are you a digital entrepreneur? Are you a traditional entrepreneur that wants to embrace the digital transformation and develop your ecommerce business plan? Are you a company that wants to explore the advantages of owning a successful ecommerce business to market worldwide?
This is the best among ecommerce books 2018!

This is the best among ecommerce books 2018!
My name is Matteo Romano, an expert in ecommerce marketing, and I will guide you on a trip that will unveil you the tips and tricks for you ecommerce design, your ecommerce scale, and your ecommerce conversion optimization.
I am going to show you the key principles for ecommerce management and ecommerce accounting through my Ecommerce Made Simple (EMS) approach, an adaptation of the Lean Methodology.
With my ecommerce guide, I will be your mentor for the choice of the best ecommerce strategy, in the management of ecommerce logistics and distribution, in the communication through all the channels we have available nowadays, in the advertising campaigns and also in ecommerce SEO.
During this trip I will share with you:
– the most successful ecommerce funnels I received from Digital Entrepreneurs I have met during these years
– CHAPTER 1: the best practices of benchmarking to learn from the ecommerce platforms of your competitors, the development of a successful ecommerce supply chain applying continuous innovation and applying a Lean Methodology
– CHAPTER 2: the different Business and Revenue models that you could apply, together with pricing strategies that will double your ecommerce sales
– CHAPTER 3: the management of logistics, ecommerce packaging, returns, international shipping and conflict resolution with your clients, the best approaches to ecommerce law and taxation, ecommerce copyrighting and the new European data protection regulation also known as GDPR
– CHAPTER 4-8: the strategies to market your products through ecommerce email marketing and the best approaches to viralize your content through Social Media and Search Engines, saving you thousands of dollars of Marketing Investments
Plus, my ecommerce marketing book is stuffed with Ecommerce Case Studies from REAL COMPANIES like Zara, Nike, Zappos, Whatsapp, Kickstarter and many others.
Pick up your copy of “Your E-commerce Empire in 2018” today to Skyrocket your successful ecommerce startup and achieve ecommerce success.