Your Content Marketing Strategy and Why It Needs a Newsletter


Any content marketing strategy that hopes to be effective is going to have a number of layers. There is the social media side, in which you interact with your followers on a daily basis, usually in little ways that helps to solidify the relationship. There is your blog, which is updated a little less often but has a bit more content and serves as means of educating your followers. Then there is your newsletter, which serves a different purpose. A newsletter, while often overlooked, is vital piece of any content marketing strategy. If you do not have newsletter, then 2013 should be your year that you start one.

There are a number of things that a good newsletter will do for you:

Summarize What Goes on With Your Business – Whether you post it weekly, monthly, or quarterly, a newsletter can sum up everything that has gone on in your business. Celebrated a milestone, like the fifth anniversary of your business? That should go in there.

Give Readers a Heads Up – Newsletters also look toward the future. A newsletter is a great way to let people know of any special events that you may have coming up, like a sale or special promotion.

Help with Branding – A newsletter is a great medium to talk about your brand and illustrate what separates you from the competition. It is also a great way to talk about anything significant that may have happened in your industry and to state your position on it.

Create a Fan Club – Receiving a newsletter gives your leads the sense that they are getting insider information. The content on the newsletter isn’t available online or anywhere else for that matter, and that creates a feeling of exclusivity. While you may not necessarily turn people into groupies for your brand, you certainly will have some loyal fans (then again who knows, maybe you will create some groupies).

Elements of an Effective Newsletter

While it is relatively inexpensive and easy to create a newsletter, making an effective newsletter can be something of a challenge. The biggest obstacle is actually getting someone to read the newsletter. Considering the large amounts of email that the average person gets, you are essentially competing with at least a dozen other messages. Moreover, people are checking their email on mobile devices, typically when they are on the go, meaning that you only have a small window of opportunity to convince them to read the whole newsletter. If you are going to boost your content marketing strategy with a newsletter, there are some things that will help you to make it stand out.

  1. Make sure you have metrics set up and that you review them for every newsletter. This allows you to gauge just how well the content is working to keep people reading. If type of content isn’t being effective, don’t write about it in your next newsletter.
  2. An informative, compelling title that isn’t too much like a sales pitch. Overt selling tends to turn people away. A title that shows it has something to offer will get better results.
  3. Connect your newsletter to other elements of you content marketing strategy. Have a blog? Make reference to something you said in it and have a link to that article. Have a Facebook and Twitter page? Have a call to action encouraging readers to follow your brand these channels.

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