You Should Sell What People Want And Not What People Need


As an internet marketer who started off to creating a lucrative information-based product business, it is important that all your targeted group of prospect should be all interested in one singular topic of yours.

In other words, these people is the one who are interested in your niche of which their search keyword or phrase reveals so.

This keyword or phrase is important to you because through the search engine, it is where they found your website or blog. This keyword or phrase is ultimately is your blueprint of your new product or which you are fine tuning your existing product.

It is found that without finding your targeted market first, you are in fact have not conducted a researches on what the searchers want in the first place. No doubt you are killing your own business even before it is started.

You might be spending a lot of time and money to produce your product first thinking that someone in the world could buy from you.

In the online world, you should sell what people want and not what people need.

You could be wondering why and what could have went wrong when no one buy your products after you have spent so much time, marketing and advertising and also tens and thousands of dollars. The mistake here is that you are creating a product that you hope that someone or anybody for that matter will buy from you.

Marketing principle have taught that it is much easier for you to capture and target a waiting prospects specifically first and then create a product that fits into your prospects targeted keywords or phrases.

That will be a good fit for that niche market of yours instead of first creating a product first and then hoping that it can sell to anyone. This not targeting marketing as you are not positioning yourself in front of those eager buyers.

The concept of letting your customer finds you is known as reverse marketing–market and sell to only those who want to buy, if not you are just wasting your time.

Reverse marketing is the concept whereby your customer is seeking you rather than the other way round. This is done by crafting your product out of the keyword or phrase searched by your prospects which form your blueprint.

While traditional marketing deals with finding your customers and targeting them such as television advertisements or the printing media, reverse marketing involves strategies that would make your customer finding you offering the product. Is it easier?

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