Writing Product Descriptions For A Shopping Cart Website


In an online shop, you have two things to use to really sell your products. These are the quality of your product images, and your product descriptions. There is an art to writing product descriptions for your products and service if you want your products to sell.

Product Descriptions need to be short enough so that customers are not discouraged from reading them, but long enough so that you give potential buyers enough information to make an informed decision about your products and services.

So how long should they be?

There is no exact right answer, but to determine what is best for your online shop you can draw from the theory of advertising and marketing for help. A marketing theory known in the advertising industry as “AIDA” says that any type of advertisement must take customers through four stages before they will be encouraged to buy. These stages are: gaining the potential customer’s attention, generating some interest, getting them to desire your product or service, and finally getting them to take action.

How a customer goes through the AIDA stages will vary by product and the nature of the market. For example, movement through the stages can depend on whether the product is complex or simple, what motivates people to buy the product, the number of brands already in the market (and their relative strength), the maturity of the market, the number of customers in the market and the aggressiveness of competitors and their marketing strategies. Understanding your customer is therefore a very powerful tool in determining the best way to write descriptions for your products.

So how can you use the above theory to determine the length of your product descriptions? Here are a few tips:

1. If your product is complex and needs a lot of information to be answered before a customer will buy it, then try using product tabs break up the information in to more manageable chunks.

2. Use tables of specifications and key information about your product. This helps customers understand the key elements of a product without having to read a lot through heavy, detailed information.

3. Similarly, use bullet points to break up complex paragraphs into chunks. This makes the description more readable.

Lastly, don’t use the manufacturer’s description unchanged. Regardless of it’s length, the manufacturer’s description will be copied and used by hundreds of your competitors, which will not appeal to your potential customers (or the search engines).

So while there is no right answer to the question of how long a product description should be, the rules of thumb are write unique descriptions and keep them as concise as you can. Provide enough information relevant to the audience you are writing for and the type of product you have.

One of the best ways to write your descriptions is like a newspaper writes a story – put the most important facts at the top and least important ones at the bottom – assuming people may stop reading at any time.

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