Writing Effective Subject Lines For Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the more effective ways of increasing sales for you business. Most times, you only have one shot to make a sale. For example, when someone visits your business or they contact you on the telephone. Unfortunately, the sales process, especially for complex products and services usually require multiple contacts with the prospect before you can make a sale. Some people throw up their hands and say, ‘Oh well, we’ll get the next person!” But the smart company will collect email addresses of prospects so they can conduct a follow up campaign over time.

You should be able to see the benefits of email marketing if you sell the type of product or service that requires two or more contacts before you typically make a sale.

Assuming you’ve been collecting email addresses, you’re next step is to create a series of emails that will bring prospects closer to the ultimate purchase decision. But before your list does anything in terms of a purchase action, they have to actually open up your email communication!

If you’re going to have a good ‘open rate’ you’ll need to write compelling subject lines that entice readers to open your emails.

Here are some effective techniques you can use to improve your email campaign open rates:

1) Keep the length of your subject line to a maximum of 50 characters. The fact is, if you make your subject line too long, people will only be able to read a part of it because most email programs won’t display the entire sentence.

2) Make sure that if you have a promotion, sale or offer associated with your email marketing, put details in the subject line. And try and put this information at the beginning of the sentence. For example: 20% off all toys. One day only!

3) Use a question that will apply to your target audience. Want to save an hour of work a day?

4) Provide a benefit to your audience. Start saving an hour of work a day!

5) You can be cryptic, just not too often. Being cryptic is okay from time to time, but don’t overdue it or people will start to ignore your emails. An example might be: Has this ever happened to you?

Email subject line writing takes a bit of time to get the hang of, but try to remember a few things and you’ll be okay. First, try and include a benefit to your reader. Second, make sure your subject line relates to the contents of your actual email. Third, don’t be deceptive. Fourth, make sure you aren’t sending the email for the sake of it, have a defined purpose for communicating with your prospects and good luck!

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