Words to Avoid Using in Your Emails


In this article I am going to discuss why using certain words in your email campaigns can really harm your business and reputation. These are the words that you must avoid in your emails.

Your delivery rate is the percentage of emails that you deliver to your subscriber list that actually reach the email inbox. Now, if your email is delivered but ends up in the spam box then that email is not considered delivered and will therefore not be included in your delivery rate.

If you end up with a low delivery rate then it may look as if your emails are purely spam even if this is not the case.

Here are some tips to improve your delivery rate:

Adult content

Any words associated with adult content will get you into trouble. This is difficult if your business is in the adult niche and perhaps you should use a different form of communication with your prospects.

Most spam filters will pick up on any words associated with adult content.

Make money

Unfortunately in the early days there was a lot of spam about making money online (there is still some out there now). Therefore you need to avoid using words that are typically hyped about making money.

Some suggest using punctuation like this:

make m.oney online

However, if you received an email with that heading would you open it? To my mind that still looks spammy even if the content inside the email is not.

Use other language such as improve your business, increase income.

Too many emails

If you send too many emails and those emails are not of interest or valuable to your subscribers then it is possible that someone receiving your email might click the spam button rather than the delete button to get rid of the email. If this happens too often by too many people then your email address will become associated with spam.

When anyone then receives one of your emails it will go straight into the spam folder with a warning that your email address has been considered spam.

This is really bad for your reputation.

Make sure you only send an email if it is relevant to your subscribers and they will benefit from it.


The word free is also now associated with spam! Think of alternatives such as gift, something for you, extra bonus – words like these should pass the filters.

When people sign up to your list they have put a certain amount of trust in you. Don’t blow that trust by sending out emails with words associated with spam. Even if your emails are great value you will be conveying the wrong message if they keep ending up in the spam filter.

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