Wondering What to Put in Your Email Newsletter? Here Are 11 Ideas for Great ENewsletter Content


If you are a business owner thinking about offering your customers an email newsletter, you might be wondering what types of things you can include in this type of publication. Of course one of the first questions you should be answering for yourself is: Who is my target audience?

Once you understand who you are making the email newsletter for, you can start thinking creatively about content options for your enewsletter. Depending on your target audience, here are 11 suggestions for great content for your email newsletter:

  1. Share Good News. Did your company just get recognized with some type of award or new certification? Are you completing a renovation on some aspect of your building or offering a new or updated product or service? Your e-Newsletter is an excellent place to share this good news along with links for more detailed information, if relevant.
  2. Share Good Deeds. Are you giving a talk at an upcoming Rotary Club meeting? Do you donate time or treasure to a non-profit organization in your community? Your email newsletter is an excellent place to share some of the good things your business does each day to make the world a better place.
  3. Report Organizational or Company Changes. Is there a new employee or a change in leadership you think customers might be interested in hearing about? Did you just hire a new salesperson or give someone a promotion? All of these types of organizational changes make great content for an email newsletter.
  4. Promote Contests to Increase Customer Loyalty. Are you kicking of a special Facebook contest to increase your social media presence? Gift cards, a free lunch, or even a t-shirt or nice pen with your company logo make great contest prizes that encourage people to engage with your business online.
  5. Treat Customers like Insiders with Market News and Insights. Do you have interesting information about your business or industry you’d like to share with your customers but you are not really sure how? Customers like to feel “in the know” about aspects of your business that may not otherwise hear about. Use your email newsletter as a place to share pertinent industry news and market insights so that your customers feel in the loop.
  6. Capture Fun Times. Did your office just have a birthday celebration or some type of holiday party? Did you go rock climbing or bowling for a team building event? Capture office get-togethers and outings with plenty of pictures that you can share in your email newsletter. Customers will enjoy this window into the more personal side of your business world.
  7. Offer Special Discounts. Do you have a product or service that you can offer at a discounted rate to your customers in the form of a coupon code in your email newsletter? People love being privy to special offers and deals and what better way to reward loyal followers than through your enewsletter.
  8. Feature Great Pictures. A great picture really can speak volumes. An email newsletter is an excellent forum to share great pictures with your customers. These may include, for example, pictures of your customers using your products or services. Spending time choosing the best photos for an email newsletter is a good business decision since these are a very powerful and important part of your email newsletter content.
  9. Include all your Contact Information. Are you a brick and mortar store that also has a web business? Are you an ecommerce site with an active Facebook fan page and blog? Do you use twitter as part of your company’s approach to customer service? Your email newsletter is an excellent place for you to include all of the ways your customers can stay in touch with you and your business.
  10. Write Up Interesting Interviews. People love reading about other people – especially interviews that include interesting questions and insights they may not hear otherwise. Consider including excerpts from interviews in your email newsletters with subject matter experts, great employees, or with loyal customers who might be willing to share a little about themselves, including how they connect to your product or service.
  11. Survey your Customers and Share Results. Why not ask your customers their opinions about some issues that impact your business or service? Using an online survey tool like Survey Monkey or Zoomerang, you can assure anonymity while learning more about your customers’ opinions. Further, sharing the results of these customer opinion surveys can make excellent content for an email newsletter.

When you really start thinking about it, the possibilities for great email newsletter content truly are endless. Further, content ideas also vary considerably depending on the type of business or industry you represent.

If you are struggling to come up with good content ideas for your email newsletter or simply do not have the time to create great content, you might want to seek out assistance from a web marketing agency. A good web marketing agency can provide you with top notch content that will delight both you and your customers.

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