Winning the Internet Search Game


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the backbone of how any business gets found on the Internet.

The best analogy I’ve heard about Internet search marketing and SEO is that they are like a popularity contest that you are perpetually trying to win. If you make the cut, you will appear at or near the top of page one of search result pages. The higher you rank on that all-important first page, the more traffic you will generate.

In winning the perpetual popularity contest, you will get a continuous stream of potential new customers from all the traffic you generate. This is the prize for winning the popularity contest.

Hence, the first task is knowing how to win the popularity contest. Only then can you afford to worry about the second step, which is how to convert the highest number of new prospects into paying customers.

One of the key facets of SEO is link-building. A main ingredient of any high ranking web site is the “authority” of other web sites that link to it. This is why the popularity contest is such an appropriate parallel.
Say you walk into a bar, sit down on a stool and order a drink. People are not going to swoop in and start talking to you. But what if you walk into a bar with Donald Trump? Do you think people will go out of their way to try to strike up a conversation?

Why? Because Donald Trump is well-known; he’s an authority figure. Same with Internet links. The higher the authority of web sites that link to your site, the higher the authority of your site. It’s guilt by association. As a result, the higher you will rank in Google search results.

The value of backlinks, meaning other web sites that “link back” to your site, is based on hundreds of variables. One of those variables is called “page rank.” An unknown site has a page rank of zero. A site that has credibility in Google’s eyes is ranked from 1 to 10. The higher the page rank, the higher the authority. So the trick is to get good, valuable backlinks.

It’s these types of factors and variables that make SEO a bit complicated. There’s no such thing as a step-by-step, quick start, do-it-yourself SEO solution. That’s why it makes sense to outsource your Internet search marketing campaign.

It’s not like other media where you simply buy some ad space and measure results. Once you see the bigger picture, outsourcing usually makes the most sense.

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