Will Email Marketing Continues to Grow


Email marketing has been used for marketing for a number of years. Many people think that because it is an old method it is outdated and cannot be effective. This is untrue as email is still a powerful way to reach your customers and potential buyers. You can build up a good relationship with your business list subscribers and sell more of your products over time.

The success of your marketing campaign will depend upon certain factors. Here are 4 that are keys to your success.

Building a good responsive list: it is very important to build your list with responsive people. You can do this by article distribution and blogs, as both these mediums will attract visitors who are interested in your special market and what you are offering. Your bio can attract people to your blog for more free information. Always ask yourself if you will be drawing the best subscribers to your list by the list building techniques you are using.

The quality of your messages: messages should be informative and targeted towards your subscribers. If you make your articles and messages informative and interesting to your readers you will build a better relationship with them. This in turn will lead to greater trust and the subscriber will be more inclined to consider and purchase your offers.

The product you are offering: it is important to consider carefully the products you are offering. They should ideally solve a problem that your reader might be having and certainly be something they will be interested in.

Mobile friendly: with 80% of the adult population owning a mobile it is important to be sure that you are geared to this type of marketing. Your website, blog or newsletter etc. should be clearly visible to mobile users. Email should be adapted to this media as well.

Segmenting your lists: if you are dealing with a broader market that is made of subscribers with diverse ages and interests it is often more profitable to separate your list into different segments to reflect different offers.

Proof that email marketing does work:

Statistics show that email marketing is still an effective way to market to your subscribers. 67% of customers still give their email addresses to companies, so that they will be able to receive discounts and special promotions from the company. Additionally 57% of the subscribers will purchase an item after they have received an email notification about it.

Tracking results:

You can check whether your email and newsletter are being opened as most autoresponders have this feature. This will often depend on your subscribers as they will be interested in different areas. Your subject line will attract different sectors of your subscribers.

Some autoresponders will show the amount of clicks you have on your links, which will be an indicator of your subscribers’ response to your offers etc.

Ads can be split tested according to the A/B method. When you use the best ads you will get the most response.

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