Why Your Small Business Must Embrace Online Advertising


In the past, local businesses relied strongly on The Yellow Pages, word of mouth, and occasionally a billboard or TV advertisement to attract customers. Although these tactics were successful before the inception of internet advertising, their business is now more than likely suffering due to lack of exposure. Because more and more consumers – perhaps as much as 70% – are relying on The Internet as their first source for local business information, the move to online advertising is an obvious, yet integral choice that can benefit the overall effectiveness of Orange County Advertising and, in effect, Orange County Marketing – particularly for smaller businesses, as well as for their customers.

With the rising popularity of online business listings, advertising and marketing, Google, MSN and similar online resources have added to and adapted their services to better cater to the needs of local businesses, offering a multitude of easy to use utilities for business owners and consumers alike. Tools such as Google Places and Bing give small, local businesses the opportunity to advertise and reach potential customers in their area for free. These online services not only offer informational listings, including typical business listing information – name, address, phone number, and hours – but also incorporate maps and directional tools, user ratings and reviews, and map labels. Additional options – tags and other enhancements – are also available to businesses at a low cost.

The two most important aspects of online advertising are the ease and accessibility it provides for both businesses and their consumers. Online advertising has the potential streamline Orange County Advertising through the many benefits these types of services provide. Small businesses that in the past had to pay for listings, billboards, and other means of advertising – and those that were unable to afford it – are now able to create effective, targeted ads at no cost to them.

In addition, businesses are no longer burdened with the task of having to find their customers or clients; anyone with an Internet connection seeking a service will be directed to a business in their area that fits their needs. In addition, potential customers and clients who were using the Internet as their sole source for business information are now able to be targeted by a larger number of businesses who may never have been able to reach them in the past. The time allotted for businesses to focus on other aspects of their function such as product and customer service improvement is great. As a result, Orange County Marketing will also be streamlined, creating more effective business plans that are able to spend more time focusing on how to better serve customers.

Over the past few years, online advertising has grown into the number one way for businesses to target new customers. Because small, local businesses are now given tools to create free or low-cost ads that combine several different tools, from basic business information, to customizable mapping and directional tools, it is a simple and important step for Orange County Advertising. With the jump into these new widely accessible tools, there is the potential to revolutionize Orange County Marketing, through multifaceted and multi-media advertising.

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