Why Your Customer to Buy From Your Store?


Find your competitive advantage online – 11 Ways to configure your new e-commerce site of the competition.

When a new client is looking for an eCommerce website created to complement your local store is one of the first things you might do is learn what you can about the client’s business. Usually, we will show a few websites that they want. But if we ask whether “Tell us what is different in your business comparative to your competitors (known as USP)?” In most cases and times, our customers respond like: “Well, not much.”

“Then why the customer wants to attract to your site?” Is our next question. In other words, if there are a lot of other online companies operating in your industry, what your business is what makes it an attractive alternative?

Before you start thinking about the different features and colors for your web site to know what is done (or can do) than the web you will be going to compete with your USP. Usually this becomes your unique selling proposition (USP). It is the basis for differentiation, and can translate into competitive advantage online.

To help you start thinking about how you can differentiate your eCommerce site to see if any of these aspects are of special interest to your industry to start and if your company does any of these things very well made.


If you carry a wide selection of products, you can easily create a customer. Full Purchase For example, a mattress retailer offering sheets and comforters can be a benefit in promoting the complete package. This benefit covers the demands of consumers looking to save time and shopping easy.

You can offer more brands than most other online stores. The brands, imported brands available… all difficult to find in your store. You can offer fewer brands – if you are in a specific age, your benefit is to a specialist. Your store is the place to buy mountain bikes (vs. each type of bicycle)? Why?

If you have a product that offers a quality advantage to sell, especially to show how the quality is more accurate. This is where it is important to the needs of the online shopper for information. The quality statement should be supported by the facts when talking about items that can be bought without seeing or touching.

Niche Client

Maybe you have to get to a unique set of customers, such as the elderly, who are the buyers of computers for the first time. In that case they will quickly realize the needs of its most important public, unlike those that serve a wide range of people, because they have to consider. Meeting the needs of each segment

Rarely is where “everyone” a competitive advantage in your marketing message. The reason? Usually a person who is making the purchase, and that person has specific needs and desires. If a new graduate looking for a dining table, home buyer have to organize the diverse interests of a third time looking for a parking house 3000 feet. Now, that does not mean that there are no business benefits to appeal to multiple segments. It’s just that you probably will not have a strong USP.


Have you ever found a product online that you really, really wanted to buy but was “temporarily unavailable”? If your inventory systems can ensure that it never happens, you can attain an advantage over others comparable online shops running out of stock.

And even if you have no control, you can think of ways to make “out of stock” frustration a little less painful for their clients, which could create a competitive advantage. For example, to notify them when most of the product – and give you a discount or throw a free item when they sign up to be notified. You will be glad you have your client acknowledges the discomfort and reduces the effort required to make stock. Product Purchase


Of course, offering you the lowest price incentive for customers to buy from you. Online shopping offers consumers the opportunity to check the prices without having to visit several outlets. And when they shop on price, then they will not spend on everything else, like your fantastic web design and logo fantasy. Please Make Your easy to find prices.

The inclusion of price information is important for most consumer industries, even if the decision is not driven prices. This is due to the large number of consumers do research online before making a purchase – they expect a complete, not including the price of your product descriptions is unacceptable.


Shipping is required if you sell products. But how you can make it easier and faster for customers to receive their purchases You could offer the fastest shipping, free shipping, auto-ship, or local options in store pickup. You may also be able to store their shipping information to make it easier for customers to order the next time.

Note that shipping is one of those things that must be done correctly or may cause loss of future sales. At least ensure that the products are sent to resist breakage. In fact, if the damage is in the way a concern that affects their industry, buyers not for the first time will see the value of any additional care you take during transport.


Online, as in your shop, location can affect sales. That is where SEO, helping you to get on the Web. Prime high traffic site Because consumers rarely look beyond the second page, in the top few points can help improve your sales and conversions just because you’re there when someone is looking for what you offer.


Each store owner likes to think they offer good service. But it is not enough to say – you have to see.

Good service starts with the needs of its customers. What are the most important considerations for your audience? This may depend on age, profession, how they use your product, and more. However, there are some things you can do to offer your customers through your website a good service.

Make your site as easy to use that you can not lose leads to frustration. While this sounds like a basic principle of a website, you’d be surprised how many site owners give for not wanting convenient fantasy. Try competing sites – this is an area where you can now get an edge in your industry or companies already following best practices for usability?

Some ways you can provide a good service online:

  • A search function on the site that makes it very easy to find on your site. Anything
  • software products based on how customers search for them Grouping.
  • A lot of information about their products (how to use them, how they fit into the lives of their customers, maintenance and cleaning, maintenance, data comparison, customer reviews, etc.)
  • Make your system easier with fewer steps orders.
  • Provide options for storing payment information and shipping, so customers do not have to type it again for future purchases.
  • Offer multiple payment options and order.
  • Provide, custom regular news bulletins with useful information.
  • Add several ways for a customer to contact you.

Many of the other items in this list also contribute to his service as the warranty and product selection. In fact, all you have to say on your site and provide proof of service, for a real client.


What kind of guarantees your competitors? Are you capable of terms that a client can give you more peace of mind? You can get through a customer-oriented policy, profitability, guaranteed lowest prices, on-time delivery guarantees, guaranteed service performance, etc an advantage online


Although your customers will not communicate online with their employees as they do in their local outlets, you can still cut an advantage for you by the knowledgeable, friendly and quick staff.

But keep in mind that say, for example, experts employed or that everyone has at least 15 years of experience will get you nowhere. On his personal You need to show that same customer. Think of all the ways you can bring online:

  • fast responses, friendly, thoughtful questions by email.
  • A toll-free number that provides customers with instant access to the expertise of its staff.
  • An interactive device that allows customers to ask questions and receive answers immediately.
  • sections of questions and answers, product guides and expert articles that demonstrate your personal experience and help is readily available for customers.

History and reputation

Is there anything unique about the progress of the development of your store? Being the first to introduce an idea or a market can serve to reinforce. Credibility and reputation Perhaps his experience in a related industry that gives you an advantage. Sometimes, a little known fact or input your company has done to the industry that can be an advantage when it comes to light.

Brand Image

Let’s face it – we are not all Nike brand value or Lego. But your store needs to must have a clear idea of??your customer’s passion? Many companies has a very strong personality-driven vision and senior management review. You want to promote interactive tools that allow customers to talk about you, including forums, reviews and links to blogs. Passion Online Use the power of word-of-mouth and viral marketing to make your customers more famous brand.

By now you probably think of a few things you offline shop doing well. The aspects that you choose to focus on conveying through your web site depends on your industry and what is important to your customers. Perhaps a number of factors which together gives you the interesting choice to consumers seeking to products available online. Talk to your editor today about how you can take your USP in your new website for an edge over their competitors.

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