Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google+


Recently it was announced that Google+ has reached the achievement of having 250 million registered users. This acceptance among the masses only shows that the world is ready for yet another social media website. Google+ boasts 150 million monthly users as well as 75 million daily users with each of them spending at least 60 minutes on the site each day. These numbers are worth bragging about for a company that has only been around one year. Many startup websites take years to reach the impressive numbers that Google+ has reached in such a short amount of time.

While many website developers would take time to enjoy their success, Google continues to create and release new features for use with Google+ as well as products and services that were designed to complement the website. This new social media site was developed to be used in conjunction with YouTube and Gmail to provide users with a total Google experience. What this means to the public is that once you visit Google+ you will likely have no need to go anywhere else. Everything you could possibly need is contained in the Google atmosphere.

Google+ is also set to take on other competitors as well, they are currently working on designing a tablet that is estimated to sell for $199. This selling price is estimated to give the Kindle Fire some competition in the tablet market. Google has also recently released their Google Play which was designed to compete with the Apple’s popular iTunes store as well as Amazon. What this means for users is that they are no longer forced to only purchase their music, videos and books from one location. They now have the ability to shop around and purchase these items from various sources. This will also allow the buyer to find the best prices on the media they are looking to purchase.

With all of the improvements that Google is making to Google+, it won’t be long before it is being used by everyone. They are also developing a version that can be used on the iPad. Google is promising that this app will provide the user with a more organized appearance making it easier to use. Google+ has proven that is a competitor and with all of the improvements set to take place in the near future, it may become the leading social media site on the web.

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