Why You Should Update Your Website Little and Often


As markets contract businesses need to maximise their promotional activities and make every promotional pound count.

There are a number of strategies for updating your website. It is advisable to website owners to carry out modest updates and additions on a regular basis rather than major annual updates and overhauls. This is because search engines, like Google, love fresh and updated content and making modest monthly changes to your website will heighten their interest. Regular updates also encourage visitors to return as well.

But don’t fall into the trap of updating for the sake of it, as it should be about making your website updates more effective.

Whatever content you add or update on your website, it should be of interest to your customers and relate to the problems and issues they face. Unless you are a market leader, it is unlikely web surfers will be particularly interested in news about you or your business. What will be of interest to them are helpful tips, free advice and solutions to solve their problems, make their life easier or make their businesses more profitable.

Concentrate on writing about THEM not YOU!

Spread the cost of making updates. The little and often strategy can also help your wallet by spreading the cost over 12 months, rather than having to budget for a large one-off bill for web updates from your website provider.

What are your options for updating your website yourself?

If your site does NOT have a Content Management System (CMS) an alternative solution to adding one to your website is adding a WordPress Blog. For maximum benefit the Blog should be hosted as part of your website under your domain name, the WordPress software is free and is installed on your web server alongside your website files.

Software to help you with updating your website

If a Blog does not appeal, you could invest in a web editing software package. One piece of software is Adobe Contribute which can be bought directly from the Adobe website and isn’t too expensive. It is very simple to set-up and use and will allow you to update pages as well as create new ones. You can use Contribute to include photos, PDFs and media files on your web pages and when you hit the publish button it will upload the web pages and any new photos and PDFs etc to your website. In our experience it takes no longer than half an hour to teach someone how to update their website using the Contribute software.

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