Why You Should Make Email Marketing As Your Main Marketing Tool?


Epsilon has recently released its 2013 fourth quarter report North American Email Trends and Benchmarks. The management was satisfied with its performance as there was a significant increase in their email open rates for this quarter compared to the previous year of the same period. But they also stressed the need to continuously build and maintain the subscriber’s engagement as this is vital in assessing success in their email marketing efforts. The following are some of the highlights of Epsilon’s study.

Business as Usual Email Trends

The data in this report was culled from the 7 billion emails that the company sent during the last quarter of 2013 across the multiple industries that they serve, which covers roughly 140 participating clients. The analysis also made use of the company’s proprietary platforms.

• Non-Bounce rate remained strong with an astounding 96.1%
• Open rates were consistent each quarter with 30.9%
• Click-through rates which increase every quarter, this time at 4.4%

Triggered Message Email Trends

For this one, information was compiled from over 297 million triggered emails sent by the company during the fourth quarter of 2013 across the multiple industries. Results came in as a result of the action or trigger like Thank You, Welcome, Anniversary and Shopping Cart. The following are the triggered highlights.

• Triggered messages were 4.1% of the total volume which is slightly lower than the same period of 2012.
• Triggered open rates were higher than BAU messages by 58.5%.
• Triggered messages were higher than BAU messages by 127.7% in terms of click-through rates.

With this report from Epsilon, it’s crystal clear that email marketing played an integral part of a corporation or any business for that matter in targeting their existing and prospective customers in so far as their targeted promotions are concerned. Through the years, it was proven that email marketing is the most economical among all the marketing channels yet it provides the highest ROI. No wonder most business establishments these days are maximizing their email marketing campaigns. The following are some factors to consider in pursuing email marketing as the main marketing tool today.

• Full control. With this type of marketing, you have full control over the message you want to convey, your delivery schedule, as well as your audience.
• Easy tracking of the results. ROI estimation can be done right away because it’s easy to track the results compared to the other marketing channels. Also, you can track who has opened your email, which links were clicked and forwarded to other people, and which addresses are already invalid among other essential metrics.
• Custom-made emails. Direct interaction is created between you and your clientele making it more preferable marketing tool today by corporations and even small businesses alike.
• Customer loyalty. Customers are most likely attached emotionally to your brand through email marketing compared to other marketing platforms.
• Economical. Of course, businessmen will look for ways to minimize costs and this is probably the best reason to make it your primary marketing tool.
• Rising popularity of smartphones. Smartphones are prevalent nowadays; hence it is just fitting to go with the flow since most people are now using this gadget in opening their emails.

Email marketing is the most practical way to fast-track your marketing campaign. For as long as you know how to take advantage of this, it will definitely generate positive results and your business will certainly go places.

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