Why You Should Consider Paid Ad Campaigns For Your Business


Ad campaigns (or advertising campaigns) are a series of coordinated ads that focus on a single theme or niche.

This post will reveal tips for using paid ad campaigns to grow your business.

Many marketers have had success in generating free traffic to their blogs or websites. However, the current internet landscape is so crowded with thousands of websites even in small niches that marketers use paid ad campaigns to promote their sites. Paid ad campaigns are an important component of many online marketing strategies. While on-page optimization has positive impacts on traffic, paid advertising is a viable alternative that gives internet marketers more control over the timing of traffic to a particular offer. Paid ad campaigns typically show immediate results, whereas search engine optimization can sometimes take several months. You will want to diversify your ad campaigns by including both paid and free traffic strategies.

Paid ad campaigns include pay-per-click, solo ads, banners, classifieds and many others. My personal favorites are:

1. Pay-Per-Click ads are great for generating traffic using keywords. These appear in search engine results and the main advantage is control and flexibility. You set budgets and click cost.

2. Solo ads are small, classified-style ads purchased from online newsletters called e-zines. They usually have a huge subscriber base that range from thousands to millions. Your ad gets mailed out to their entire subscriber list. Solo ads enable you to get your offer in front of thousands of people when you don’t have your own list. A couple of advantages of solo ads is that they allow you to get a bunch of leads in one shot, and they don’t require any technical knowledge. Disadvantages include:

–Difficulty in finding a good e-zine.
–They require a decent budget and have to be booked up front.
–You can end up wasting a lot of money.

Here are tips for using solo ads based on my recent experience:

1. Always do solo ads – not top sponsor ads, side sponsor ads nor classifieds.

2. Be prepared for trial and error. Some e-zines will yield good results and some won’t.

3. Test small, track your results, then scale up.

4. You can use the search engines to find e-zines within your niche, or you can use paid sources like the Directory of Ezines which lists thousands of e-zines by category.

5. Don’t advertise on e-zines where the owner is promoting with their own ads too much. That means that they are not making enough money and their list may be non-responsive.

6. Choose your e-zines carefully. Make sure the site looks decent, and opt-in to the list to see what the ads look like.

7. Contact the provider. Only do business with responsive owners. Ask them about their subscriber base. Find out if there are any others offering the same thing you offer.

8. Make sure you have a good offer before you consider doing paid ad campaigns.

9. Create good ad copy. Be sure your offer will be one that people in your niche will want to click. Tell them what they will get and how they will benefit.

10. A quick way to create copy is to use some of the wording from your lead capture page.

11. Making your ads congruent is critical to the success of your ad campaigns. What this means is that what you say on your ad must tie in with what you say on your capture page, and those must tie in with what is said on your sales page. That way the entire message is seamless, and there will be no disconnect for your prospects.

12. The click should direct them to a lead capture page so that you build your list.

13. Make sure there are at least 10 emails in your auto-responder campaign.

The tips in this post are from some of the best marketers around. Let me know if you found them useful for your ad campaigns.

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