Why You Need to Use On Page Optimization


On page Optimization is the process of optimizing the very content, including meta tags, of your website. It involves activities that make a page ready to be indexed by search engine crawlers.

SEO Experts use different ways in making one. Here are some basic points that you need to remember.

1. Creating a Title for your web page.
Creating a title for your web page could be troublesome. It needs to be related to the product or service that you offer and it should also optimize your website. The most effective method is having your keywords in your title. The beauty of this method gives you a title that is related to your topic and at the same time it helps in optimizing the page. However, you should combine and reduce these words in a way that it would still be relevant to your readers.

2. Use header tag appropriately.
According to Rand Fishkin, recent studies have shown that a header tag has a very low effect with your ranking in search engines. However, it’s still advisable to use this tag on important keywords and headlines.

3. Writing the contents of the page.
To begin with, there is no minimum word count limit in writing your content. Nevertheless, you still need to show a good content to top off your competitive advantage. The best way to write and optimize your content is to incorporate your keywords in it. Try to mention the keywords naturally and maintain the relevance of the content to the topic. Don’t try to overdo it though. Search Engines will mark it as spamming and they might ban your website.

4. Using an Alt image tag.
Adding an image in your web page could enhance the appearance of your website. These images could easily optimize your web page using image alt tags. It’s a very big advantage since you could include your main keywords in it. The downside is you could be marked as spamming if you don’t do it right, but this could easily be avoided. Just be sure to add a word with a relative term to the topic, a keyword or a word that defines your business and combine it with words like graphic or image.

Your keyword is a very essential part of your website. Placing it in the right place could boost your rankings, on the other hand, irrelevant content and spamming would make your efforts go to waste.

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