Why You Need To Stop Ignoring The Bing Keyword Tool


Why should a Bing keyword tool be of interest to you or anybody? Why not just concentrate on Google traffic? After all over 80 percent of all search engine traffic is generated by Google. While this is true there are a number of reasons why it would be worth your time taking a look at Bing.

Actually the Bing search engine can provide you with some valuable and significant extra traffic that you can easily get which you have been missing. We are all aware of just how competitive it is getting keywords to score highly in Google search engine results so as to attract traffic from the lucrative search engine. But Bing offers an alternative that is much less competitive and therefore gives you a higher chance of dominating in a way you can never dominate the bigger search engine thus enabling you to attract lots of extra traffic, opening up brand new opportunities for you and your site.

Many people do not even have an idea who owns Bing. Bing belongs to MSN which has for a long time been making spirited efforts to offer some serious competition to Google.

While there are some basics in Bing search that are more or less the same with what you will find in Google like the number of links pointing to a site, however there are a few key areas where the Bing algorithm differs completely with that of the more famous search engine. One example is that Bing places much more emphasis on the age of a domain name than Google does. And so if your site has been around for a longer time than some close competitors you can take advantage of this fact and dominate most of the Bing traffic in your niche. This is a good enough reason for anybody to sit up and start paying close attention to Bing search.

Word stream provides the Bing keyword tool for free and it has a number of different keyword tools. Firstly there is a keyword research tool containing over one billion keywords. Any search you do will generate a top 100 related keyword phrases.

Then there is a negative keyword research tool. This is ideal if you are running PPC (pay per click) ads and you want to avoid it running when certain keywords are used in a search term. Usually the idea here would be to improve the quality of the leads you generate from your ad campaign and so this is a pretty useful application to have access to.

Even more interesting in this Bing keyword tool is a grouping device. All you do is paste a list of keywords and it will re-organize them and list them in groups that would be profitable for you to target. Then there is a keyword niche finder that will generate sub-niches that you would otherwise have missed for every keyword you enter as well as plenty of long tail keyword phrases.

All this proves beyond any doubt that the Bing keyword tool should not be ignored, instead you can be sure that any attention you pay to it has the potential of yielding enormous extra traffic for you.

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