Why You Need To Build Your Own Opt-In Email List Now


If you build your own opt-in email list, you will see that sales and profits aren’t hard to come by. With an opt-in email list, you can market over and over again to your leads, thereby increasing the chances that they will become customers for you. This isn’t theory – this is real life lessons of trial and error in my business – and in other online businesses also.

Now it’s a nice thing to have 200 fresh new visitors coming to your site everyday and who will possibly buy something from you. But imagine if you have 200 fresh new email subscribers. Which one do you think you would have the most success with? The answer should be simple.

If you had 100,000 members on your email list… you probably wouldn’t even be able to comprehend or understand the word “job”. This would be a word so foreign to you that you would think someone is speaking to you in another language. With a list of 100,000 subscribers… you can really write your own ticket to online business success.

Any kind of financial worry that you may have is straight out the door. You’d be living a nice life with a nice family and friends, and you could finally start living the way that you’ve always dreamed about living. How much is that worth to you? How much time are you willing to invest in your online business to make this a reality?

Well, email marketing can take you there. And the beautiful part is that it can all be automated for you. You will want to visit a website called “Aweber” and get yourself something called an “email autoresponder”. Now what the autoresponder does is that it automatically emails your opt-in leads timely email messages that have to do with the topic that they want to learn more about.

The only thing you have to do is fill your email autoresponder up with emails that you want to be sent out, and depending on your business… send your leads an email every 3 to 7 days. This seems to be the “goldilocks zone” for getting people to buy from you. This fits the model of those earning 6-figures a year. So if you can emulate this in your business, you know that you are on the right track – especially if you’re getting a lot of leads.

Email marketing is powerful, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to make it effective. There plenty of “average Joe’s” on the internet with no formal college degree – who are earning a lot of money online. And then, there are some master’s level physics students who can’t understand how to make money with their $7 eBook!

So if you’re worrying about whether or not an online business is for you, just remember what I’ve told you. Be patient, take things slow, and when you finally start to have some success and get your first sale… then take things up a notch and go even harder with your marketing campaign. This is how the pros do it when they launch new business ventures.

Take these email marketing tips and apply them to your online business today. It’s definitely more than worth it, and it’s something that you can use to improve your sales and results within the next couple of weeks. Keep getting sales, and be happy!

Good luck with using email marketing in your online business today.

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