Why You Need to Add a Site Map


In SEO, there is one factor that is often missed or not done properly, a website layout. There are several money-valuable benefits in having a good website layout. A good site linking will give image and authority to your site. Developing a proper site map and having a well planned linking strategy throughout your website will get your website indexed easily, and at the same time, it would be more convenient for your visitors. However, user satisfaction should be the aim of a website layout. While website optimization comes after.

Your Site map is like a table of contents for your website. With proper knowledge, it could provide your visitors effective means to find content and making it easy for search engine bots to crawl your site. However, you don’t just focus everything on Search Engine Optimization, you should also keep your visitors as your top priority. You can utilize the same method with your website. Here are some points to remember in making a one.

Today’s increasing awareness of visitors will turn to a site map if they cannot find the information that they need on your site menu structure. However, it should not function as the primary navigation tool for your website. It should be simple and consistent so it could easily be used by your visitors. It should be linked to various pages from the site like Help and About page. It’s also helpful to add a few sentences to describe and give an introduction in case someone lands to that page through Search Engines.It would also help you decide to minimize or remove those extra menu options and those links at the bottom of the page.

Clarity is very important. It’s a must that all web pages should carry a link to the site map. The layout of it should present a clear hierarchical structure of your website and it should be the simplest web page on your website. You also need to keep the name “site map” so those visitors won’t be having a hard time finding it. Always keep your it updated, especially if you made changes in your website.

As I said earlier, site maps help your website to be indexed easily. It is a very effective basic linking tool for a site-wide optimization. A properly mapped and linked site map from your homepage, is the search engine’s guide to find deep links in your website. If a search engine finds your website it will start by exploring links in your homepage. By the use of your site map, It gains a one-link access to your whole website and will greatly speed up its indexing.

Not all websites need a site map. Some small websites just need a good menu structure. But those that do need them should be sure that they made are also benefiting them.

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