Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Email Marketing


Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, a business message or offer by any company to a large mail list of potential buyers and customers using electronic mail. Needless to say, it serves as an efficient, cost-effective and reliable alternative to the more traditional direct mail. Apart from offering businesses a chance to build a unique brand rapport with their prospective and existing clients, email marketing also aids in retaining and promoting brand loyalty. Simply put, e-mail marketing is the basic use of e-mail as a medium for requesting business or soliciting sales beyond initiating communication intended at building amicable customer relations.

E-mail marketing tools which are offered by most mail marketing websites frequently include:

  • newsletters and promotions
  • Auto-responders
  • Stats and Tracking
  • List Management

While email newsletters are advertisements for above mentioned purposes sent on a regular basis, auto responder mails are a more calculated tool which allows you to send a series of mails campaigns to your audience at different intervals. Many companies also offer ‘auto responder email support’, which helps the company to put their emails on auto-pilot and reap in the rewards.

Now what makes an it an irresistible arena? Email marketing campaigns are a hot and trendy marketing tools for several reasons:

First, super easy calculation of ROI, i.e. return on investment, for the companies. Since, ROI is perhaps the most important method of judging a company’s performance, so then email marketing eases up the entire process of the evaluation of a company’s performance.

Second, emailing per se involves least cost and encapsulates an amazingly huge population of prospective clients and service-users. Thus it makes search marketing the most effective online marketing tactic!

Third, email marketing companies can help businesses reach a substantial number of potential buyers especially those subscribers who have opted in and consented to receive such emails. Sometimes, good deals are must-indulge-in-deals which, if brilliantly advertised, can churn out a lot of business to the company. Mostly potential consumers/clients check their inbox email on a regular basis, so the chance of business relations with them increases by leaps and bounds. For example, in the insurance industry, ‘Programbusiness.com’ allows its member companies to broadcast emails to a huge 50,000 targeted subscribers, and these potential buyers have an opportunity of selecting insurance such as commercial, health, life, and auto. Interestingly, you can have software integrated where readers can sign-up to your lists and forward it to their friends and vice-versa. This helps the company to extend out even further to those who would have been out of reach, making the product/service reach more potential buyers! It has enabled the email marketing companies to strengthen their position as leaders or recognized experts in the particular field. Truly amazing! Wondering what our lives would be without email?

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