Why Website Optimisation Experts Are Worth the Money


Website optimisation experts are well worth the investment because unlike other Internet Marketing companies and service providers, they are exclusively focused upon your return on investment, or ROI. For example, an SEO expert is typically only compensated for either achieving a top ranking for a specific list of targeted keywords or driving a guaranteed level of traffic. The problem with this approach is that they are not paid based upon the actual number of new conversions they help create-just on a ranking number or gross traffic. So what is to stop the company or provider from targeting “easy” keywords that no one else is targeting because they don’t convert? The same is true for social media experts and most Internet Marketing pros: Namely, they are “gaming” their customers by generating traffic and “stats” that look great on paper but simply don’t generate the bona-fide conversions that online businesses need to succeed and thrive. But proven website optimisation experts are well worth their investment for three simple reasons:

  1. Website Optimisation Experts are Conversion-Focused: Before a website optimisation project could even begin, the traffic analysis and business model are reviewed to project the net impact upon conversions from a proposed optimisation. So instead of getting distracted with how many “likes” or #1 rankings they can attain, a conversion rate optimisation expert is only looking at how much they can boost the conversion rate on your website.
  2. Web Optimisation Experts Are Paid for Generating ROI: Unlike SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing experts who charge you one flat fee regardless of how much money they make you, optimisation experts calculate projected ROI before a project begins so you can see how much their services will boost conversion rate and overall profits.
  3. Website Optimisation Experts Don’t Have an Agenda Other Than Your Bottom Line: Have you ever noticed how if you have your website evaluated by an SEO expert, they will tell you that you need more or better SEO? The same is true for web designers who will tell you that your design is causing all the problems, and for social media marketers, and so on. But a web optimisation specialist isn’t trying to sell you on anything other than what you need to increase online sales and conversions for your website.

The simple truth is that most Internet Marketing experts will try to sell you on the services or systems they happen to be selling, not what your website actually needs to improve online conversions. But during any given project, a website optimisation company might provide one or more of the following services to ultimately increase online conversions and profits:

  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation
  • SEO Refinement
  • Back End Web Programming
  • Business Model Refinement
  • Sales Funnel Modification
  • Social Media Marketing Optimisation

The point is that a website optimisation expert is going to first analyse your website using sophisticated traffic and heat mapping analysis to isolate the conversion problems suppressing sales. Next, they will fix these problems and then run website split tests to confirm the solutions have fixed your problems and produced a significant overall increase in website conversions. By focusing on conversions and delivering high ROI for clients, web optimisation experts are more than worth their investment.

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