Why Use E-Mail Marketing? Nine Good Reasons!


E-mail is one of the most effective vehicles of marketing, offering great opportunities for businesses, such as:

1. It’s cheap

E-mailing is the most cost-effective way, accessible to business today to do marketing,. There are major economies, no production or printing costs. There are self-service solutions to help you save on the cost of e-mail marketing service providers.

2. No limit to reaching your prospects

The media is limited to certain regions, while e-mail recipients can be reached anywhere in the world.

3. Immediacy

With the buttons “call to action” included in the e-mail messages, people are invited to perform a specific task or tasks in favor of your objectives. The words that bear the “Call to Action” offer a specific task to your audience, such as: visit, call, download, play, forward. Readers are invited to take immediate action, which increases conversion rates.

4. Ability to target the public

With e-mail marketing, you can exclude some of your audience like people who will never become your customers and focus on those most likely to be interested in your products and / or services. Your response rate depends on the relevance of your offer to your prospect.

5. Consolidation of customer relationship

Among the best ways of consolidate the partnership with your buyers is to send them regular newsletters where you tell them of company activities, new services, promotions, or events… The newsletter is a wonderful way retain customers.

6. Personalization

People are more likely to spend their time reading something interesting. Seeing their name in the message or in the subject line, creates a sense of relevance and encourage them to read the message and take appropriate action.

7. Segmentation is possible!

You can segment your customers and adapt your message to the interests of each group, taking into account their age, gender, region and their buying behavior.

8. Measurable results

With e-mail marketing, you can track what happened after the mailing of a campaign: the ESP will provide you with data about the gents who opened your emails, who forwarded them to other correspondents, what links they clicked and which of them have unsubscribed. Tracking has an impressive value because it helps you improve your email marketing strategy.

9. Forwarding

Your prospects will tell others about your offer, by pressing the Forward button. If you use a link to forward your e-mail, you will know who sent the e-mail to other correspondents.

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