Why Should You Do Email Marketing Anyway?


Some folks will tell you that email is dead. They say that everyone has moved to social network sites and never use email anymore. It is true that social networks get a lot of traffic and folks tend to waste a lot of time there, email marketing is still the best way to build a relationship with people and build your sales with that group of subscribers.

If you’ve been doing internet marketing for any amount of time, you’ve heard the phrase “The money’s in the List”. And that is still a very true statement. Your list of subscribers can be worth insane amounts of money to your business if you take care of that list and market to it properly.

I’ve seen reports that state as much as $40 ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing. Most marketers that have figured it out will say their subscribers are each worth $1- $2 per subscriber per month. Now think about that, if you have 10000 loyal subscribers or maybe even 1000, that can be a significant income each month.

If you take care of your list, provide them with good content and relevant offers they will stay with you and be eager buyers for a long time. It is possible to send out a single email and generate thousands of dollars overnight. I don’t know about you, but I think that is a really good reason why you should do email marketing.

Email marketing can keep your business on the minds of your customers. If you have a baseball glove company, sending periodic emails with good content will keep your company in the minds of your customers. Then when you have a new product launch or a big sale coming up, you can promote it to your list and receive a lot more sales that way.

Perhaps you have a small online company that sells consulting services. If you just spend all your advertising dollars on banner ads, or PPC ads you will probably get some sales if you put up good ads. Now, if you send those folks to a lead capture page first and get them to join your email list you can market to them over an over.

Remember, it takes most buyers 5-7 times seeing the same offer before they actually decide to purchase it. You do get some first time buyers but the majority of buyers don’t buy the first time the see your ad. So getting them on your list is like turning them into gold. It just gets more valuable over time. Plus a targeted email campaign can track how many readers opened the email and clicked your link. That kind of data is priceless.

Although the majority of people today belong to at least one social networking site, they still all have an email account or two that they check regularly. If they purchase something online, they get receipts by email. They do job searches online, they do business online, so the email is not dead. Use it to your advantage and get your email marketing campaign going today.

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