Why Should People Sign Up for Your Mailing List? Creating Compelling Incentives


Unfortunately, all too many marketers look at building a list as what’s in it for the marketer, and not for the subscriber. This is the wrong way to approach marketing; those who really make an effort to meet their subscribers/customers needs are usually far more successful with online marketing. Now, whether you have started building a list or are just thinking about it, make sure your motives are in the right place – and that you offer a compelling incentive to grow your list fast!

Just recently on the blog, we talked about building a list and what to include in your newsletter. In this article, we will discuss how to get more people to sign up for your list! We’re going to increase conversions, and learn how to get high quality subscribers. But first…

What are your reasons for setting up an email list?

Take a piece of paper, and write down all of the reasons you are going to (or have already started) building a list. How many are about you (your goals to make money, etc.) and how many are about your potential subscriber? Cross out all of the reasons that apply to you. For now, we are going to focus only on your subscriber.

Determine who your ideal subscriber is. What would someone searching for your product or service need? Who are they, and what problem/need do they struggle with? How can your product or service benefit or help your subscriber? When you put yourself in the place of your subscriber and really think it through, you can usually be much more effective in your messages and offers.

The quality of subscribers on your list is directly related to how you entice them to subscribe and the reasons they sign up. When your incentive is valuable in the eyes of your visitor and relevant to your target audience, you will enjoy higher conversion rates and a loyal readership – as long as your follow-up messages are closely tied in with your incentive!

What can you do to compel your visitor to sign up to your email list?

People LOVE free giveaways, particularly when the product or service provides a real solution. Some of the incentives that are commonly used to get people to sign up to an email list include:

  • Coupons or special offers
  • Free trials
  • eBook or short report
  • Newsletter
  • Entry into a Contest with a prize
  • Free app or software
  • Color, opt-in box placement, copy, etc.

Of course, the incentive you are giving away will be the most important aspect of building your list, but where you place your opt-in box, its colors, and your copy all make a huge difference in your opt-in rate! Be sure to place your opt-in box in a highly visible area, toward the top of your page – and put one on EVERY page of your website or blog for greatest effect!

Try varying your copy to see what seems to work best; you might also consider split testing two (or more) incentives, along with different copy to see which converts better. Success in online marketing is all about testing, tweaking and seeing what works!

Anyone can build a list, although it may seem a bit intimidating at first. Keep your subscriber first priority in your mind instead of your own profits, and really get into their minds. I bet you will see a huge difference in their response when you cater to their problem/needs! Happy (and successful) list building.

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