Why Search Engine Marketing Strategies and Improving Search Engine Ranking Is So Important


Anyone can create a website to market their product, company or cause but to really be effective in your online marketing strategies you should devote a portion of your budget and time to search engine marketing. That is because, to analogize, web design and professional web development is not like the Field of Dreams movie quote, “If you build it they will come”. You have to drive traffic, advertise and fully optimize your website using acceptable methods of search engine marketing and find SEO strategies that work for your industry if you want to increase the traffic to your website.

Increasing your traffic typically will get your products, company or cause a great deal more inquiries, purchases and general interest in what your website is promoting. That almost always means an increase in sales. If you simply create a website and then never devote time and strategies to improving its usability, content, and traffic then you will just be left with a stale website after a few months.

Once you spend some time creating content and relevant information related to the types of searches (keywords) that you want to rank for you will start to see a generalized increase in your visibility on the various search engines.

Most users of the common search engines Google, Yahoo! and Bing click to the organic search engine ranking choices and not the paid links. That means that you want to spend some time, effort and a large portion of your professional web development budget to ensuring that your site is showing up in the organic results in the top 10.

Truthfully, it’s best to see ranking in the list of top 3 organic results as research has shown that users click less often on the choices below the third listed site. That does not mean that you need to obsess over this, just keep in mind that the higher your ranking, the better your traffic is going to be. The better you or your search engine marketing company gets at relating your content and information the better your ranking results over time.

A common theme utilized in successful search engine marketing strategy is to remember that to see a benefit from your website you must take part in updating it with new and fresh content and make sure that you are using the correct keywords in text that is relevant to your overall website theme.

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