Why Search Engine Marketing Is the Best Form of Advertising


If you own a business or have owned a business the first thing you think about is how to let people know you are in business. There are many methods but the focus of this article is why internet marketing is far more valuable than traditional marketing venues such as print ads, radio, television or even word of mouth.

  1. Your internet ad or rankings for keywords is always there. 24/7. Whenever a potential customer is looking for your product or services, if you have done your optimization work properly you will show up! This is a huge advantage over traditional advertising methods.
  2. Print ads can be easily lost, misplaced or just thrown out. A print ad is similar to beating someone over the head with a frying pan. It keeps trying to get your attention even though you may not be listening. There is an old saying that someone has to see a print ad seven times before they will actually take action and buy.
  3. Radio is great…for about 30 seconds! Then it quickly becomes a fading memory. And often someone totally forgets what they heard within minutes. Just like print ads people need to hear it over and over before they might take action.
  4. Television is very similar to radio in that someone really needs to see the spot multiple times before they show any real interest unless it is a very dramatic commercial. And television can be very expensive. If the potential customer is not sitting there watching at the very time the spot comes on it is wasted money to the business that purchased the advertisement.

In summary, internet search marketing “ads” are always there when a potential customer is looking. And it is such a different concept with internet search compared to traditional methods. With internet search advertising people are actually looking for the product or service. They are ready to buy or very close to buying. They just need to figure out where to get the product or service. With print, radio or television you are trying to force your way into the customer’s mind. Instead of looking for customers to beat up with your ad why not just “be there” when customers are looking for you?

People buy when they are ready to buy and not before. You can spend a fortune on other forms of advertising trying to convince someone to buy your product or service. Why not just be “seen” when they are ready to buy? Makes much more sense and is much more effective. Internet Search Engine Marketing does just that.

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