Why Mailing Lists Are Important for Your Business


A mailing list is one of the most efficient forms of cost effective advertising strategies that business owners can use. There is no better way for an advertiser to skip the costs of sending ads randomly to people than by directly contacting a specific group. In order to build a successful list, you first need to define your market and audience — this is one of the determining factors for successful lists and should not be taken lightly. It’s also important to customize the messages to your subscriber base. Keep in mind that a successful mailing campaign means more profit for your business.

What are Mailing Lists?

Mailing lists are collections of data like names and addresses used by an organization or an individual to send messages to a number of recipients. They are typically of two kinds: announcement lists (used for things like newsletters and promotions) and discussion lists (used for exchanging ideas about a certain topic or product). In the past, mailing lists were managed strictly through the postal system; however, with the widespread growth of the Internet and the email, electronic email lists are now far more popular. Legitimate, or non-spam, electronic email lists allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time they desire.

How Can I Build a List?

Contrary to what you might think, building a mailing list is quite simple — for the sake of this example, we will focus on how to build an online email list for free. Keep in mind, however, that while building a mailing list is simple to do, marketing it successfully is a whole other story. Many online marketers find this to be one of the most difficult things in running an email list. As many of them point out, finding the best way to market your list can be done through trial and error. Additionally, it’s very important to strive to catch your reader’s attention and keep your website up to date.


1.Find a good third party mailing service such as Constant Contact (free) and open a new account.

2.Add contacts to your account by pasting them in, by typing them, from a file or spreadsheet, from your Gmail account or from Outlook or other CRM application. If you have trouble doing this, Constant Contact offers a number of free tutorials that will help you get on your way in no time.

3.Start marketing your website by exchanging links with other similar websites in your niche or by including your URL in the signature line on message boards. Additionally, be sure to add your URL to the bottom of your emails as well. The secret to a successful marketing campaign is to repeat these steps until you start making a comfortable income.

4.Whenever new subscribers join your E-mail list, be sure to email them a welcome letter.

5.Keep your newsletter and/or E-mail list updated regularly – daily or weekly – to maintain your reader’s attention.

6.Don’t forget to be respectful and remove emails if asked. Also, don’t annoy your subscribers by sending out dozens of letters per day!

How Can I Make a the List Work for My Business?

In marketing as well as in any other type of business, it is crucial that you learn how to identify who is more likely to purchase your service or product. Building an effective mailing list can be a very effective strategy in this case. How do you make a mailing list work for your business? Firstly, you need to start with privacy and relationship in mind. A good strategy to use regarding privacy is to include a disclaimer that the receiver’s communications and contact information will not be sold or leased. It also helps to use the services of a professional and responsible mailing list provider.

In terms of building a healthy relationship with your subscribers, it’s important to treat all of them equally. This means that you should also initiate and maintain relationship with those subscribers who didn’t purchase your service or product. Studies show that people “scan” content on the Internet, meaning that they scroll through it very fast. This doesn’t give you a lot of time to make an impact on their decision. This is why it’s crucial to design your mailshots with this fact in mind – make it stand out from the rest by using the right keywords and design.

For example, you can write “Save 50% on Our Service until January 3rd!” in the title to grab their attention. Additionally, be sure to include the following info in your mailshots: your website address, how they can subscribe and unsubscribe, your contact details, copyright information, a link to the service or product mentioned and a privacy policy. Don’t forget that these rules apply whether you use mail or email.

What is Listwashing?

Listwashing is a process in which some of the information in a mailing list is removed. Listwashing is frequently used when a mailing list contains phone numbers or email addresses of individuals that did not subscribe voluntarily. Typically, this process is carried out when a complaint is received and only removes complainers. A widely believed supposition is that only a very small part of those inconvenienced with unwanted email send proper complaints. Since most of the people that did not voluntarily subscribe to an email list remain on the list, many spammers are easily able to maintain “complaint-free” mailing lists.

More General Info

It’s not uncommon for mailing lists to be sold or rented. There are even agents known as mailing list brokers who exist solely to help individuals and organizations rent their mailing lists. For organizations like charitable groups or specialized niche publications, having one or multiple mailing lists can be a very valuable asset – the value of these lists can also be maximized by the mailing list brokers. When a mailing list is rented, the renter is required to agree that the list will only be used at certain times. One method to verify that this rule is respected is by “salting” the list with several fake addresses and also creating new ones every time the list is rented.

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