Why I Love Email Marketing and Why You Should Too!


Email Marketing has been an age-old proven method of Marketing that works! The type of Email Marketing I am referring to is Permission-Based Marketing. That means the subscriber would have to fill up his details through a web form at your website giving you permission to send him emails.

The subscriber by providing his information signals the trust he places in you. Let’s look at it as the day your girlfriend said yes to be your girlfriend. You would certainly take the opportunity to nurture the relationship and woo her with gifts every day. Similarly through your daily emails, you provide education to your subscriber and share with them what you have learnt. Through time, just like your girlfriend will look forward to the opportunity to meet up with you, your subscriber would look forward to receiving your email to learn from you or just to know how you are doing. This is the mindset you should take treating your list of subscribers. You should not see your subscribers just as clicks since behind each click is a person with emotions and feelings – one that needs to be motivated and entertained.

As an Internet marketer, I know your main interest is on list building. We all know that “the money is in the list”. However, you cannot start selling your subscribers without them knowing you first. People do not like to be sold but they like to buy the things they like.

Alex Jeffreys said:

“It is better to first pay an interest in your subscribers than to get them to buy from you”

Alex made his first million by giving his subscribers great value through his free e-books. It is like a relationship. You cannot just keep taking without giving. In a relationship, giving and taking has to be reciprocal and soon it becomes natural.

Here’s 2 ways I suggest for building the love between you and your subscribers.

1. Give them great content

2. Share with them on your life and your Internet marketing journey.

The content you give to your subscribers can be a lesson you have learnt, sharing on a blog or an e-book you give your subscribers. It is like buying gifts for your girlfriend.

You would also like to share with your subscribers your thoughts and reflections on your life, your Internet marketing journey just like you would share your thoughts with your girlfriend.

I am sure if you apply these 2 methods to your email marketing, you will be able to build a Responsive and Happy list.

Best of all, you will have a Happy girlfriend too as you will be able to buy her lots of gifts!

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