Why Email Campaigns Can Fail Miserably


You may be absolutely convinced that email marketing is a useless platform that never generates sales leads or conversions. That may be the case for you. So, go ahead, blame it on the entire industry. Or, you can take a step back and analyze it from a new perspective.

An email campaign is like a jigsaw puzzle, involving a number of pieces that fit and work together seamlessly. If one piece is out of whack, you might as well throw in the towel now and save yourself both the disappointment and the wasted marketing dollars. You know when you’re on a fast track to failure when…

Your subject line is about as boring as my 9th grade geography teacher

Get to the point. If you can’t spill your message in seven words or less, good luck trying to get me to care. Try to create a subject line that consists of a few keywords to entice the email recipient to open your advertisement. In the current age of the Internet where information is delivered faster than you can read this sentence, you don’t want to lose the attention span of your audience by insisting on a long and detailed subject line.

Your email creative is, let’s say, not creative

My mom used to go on and on about how nice I was, how smart I was, and how great at sports I was. Why? Because she’s my mom, and she was proud of her creation. You may be proud of your business and have all the faith in the world that people are going to fall in love with your product or service just because it’s yours. The fact of the matter is, not everyone is as nice as your mother. Give your potential customers a reason to want to learn more, a reason to click on your ad. Incorporate colors and eye-catching graphics that work to distinguish yourself from all of the other companies out there that think they are the best at what they do too.

You would be better off mailing your offer to the North Pole than you would be mailing to your current database

When your current database consists of co-reg or incentivized data, no wonder you’re not getting any sign-ups. Email lists are available for purchase because nobody else wants them. Quality lists belong to those who refuse to sell them. Why? Because they have their hands on high-performance lists that have and continue to generate quality leads and significant revenue. Email Answers is an ESP (Email Service Provider) that has aggregated over 100 million optin records of business decision makers or consumers who have made a purchase, filled out a lead form, or done something online within the last 120 days. Email Answers promotes product or service offerings to its own optin email lists for companies who desire new leads and a fresh database of loyal customers.

Your emails are never even delivered to the inbox

How do you expect to generate exposure of your offerings if the emails you are sending aren’t even getting delivered to the inbox? If either your subject line or email creative looks “spammy,” you can pretty much kiss the money you spent on your email campaign goodbye. As a word of advice, review the SpamAssassin score of your email creative as well as ways to reduce it.

Your landing page is useless

Your landing page is the page that your email recipients are taken to after they click on your advertisement. If I am enticed by your hotel offer that is described on your email creative, and I am then directed to a website where I can rent a car, you just wasted your money and, more importantly, you wasted my time. Also, if you lure me in with an attractive offer, I click to learn more, and am taken to a sign up screen where I am then forced to fill in my first name, last name, address, and what I had for breakfast that morning, I am not going to sign my life away simply to get a little more information about your particular product or service.

You’re trying to sell a fur coat to a PETA activist

If you don’t sell a product or service that is relevant to the user, why would you expect them to click on your advertisement? If I were selling anti-wrinkle cream, I wouldn’t visit all of the local elementary schools to promote my offerings. When doing an email marketing campaign, it is imperative that your offer has relevance to the individuals you are sending them to. Otherwise, your email campaign is destined to fail miserably. Email Answers has targeted email lists that segment groups of people based on the following criteria.

Your IP reputation is worse than that of “Cheater” Woods

While your high school reputation may not haunt you for the rest of your life, your IP reputation will. Your IP reputation can be damaged by sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) or by email recipients who often click the spam button or frequently complain about receiving an email that they never signed up to receive. Email Answers offers a service that will clean and validate your existing email database to identify and purge bad, invalid, undeliverable, seed, duplicate, and BOT email data. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that you safeguard your IP reputation for the future.

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