Why Colors Are an Important Consideration in Ecommerce Website Design


The internet is one of the fastest-expanding markets world-wide, and lately, more and more businesses give up opening up shop in a specific location and instead, focus entirely on online commerce, or in one simple word, eCommerce.

One of the primary aspects that you must pay attention to for ecommerce website designing is “Colors”. Colors are an often overlooked, yet highly important factor in the success of your online business store.

So, you might ask yourself: “What should I be aware of when it comes to colors?” Well, let’s take a look.

  • Understanding your targeted client-base

As with any normal business, eCommerce is also based on understanding what you are selling and who you are selling it to. You will have specific demographics, genders or areas in mind, depending on your products/services, and as such, your online store has to correspond to the clients you’re aiming for.

For instance, you have decided to open an online IT hardware and software store. So, you are aiming to please people who are interested in technology first and foremost, as well as to bring in people who are not necessarily acquainted with the world of IT. The theme and color you choose must reflect these orientations. People are there to buy laptops, or anti-virus software, so using pink or bright yellow might be a turn-off for a lot of buyers, simply because these colors do not have much in common with the world of IT. Instead, you should ask your web design company to build your e-shop around simple, tech-savvy colors, such as black, white, or blue. Think on the lines of what colors most laptops come in, or what colors do major companies in this field use for their logos. It is no coincidence that Intel has a blue/white color combination, and the same principle should be applied on your online store.

However, if you have decided to start an online jewelry store, you are aiming for a female-dominated client-base, and as such, you should use more feminine colors, such as white/pink.

Should you be in the children-toy selling business, your e-store should be colorful and friendly to children, with bright colors, ranging from bright yellow to pink or bright blue.

We could give endless examples, but the basic idea is that you have to establish who you’re trying to sell to, and your eCommerce platform should be built around the taste of that particular client type.

  • Colors should always be eye-friendly

Another important thing to remember is that clients who stumble upon your online store will likely spend a lot of time browsing through your products. As such, make sure the fonts and color schemes your web developer implements are easy on the eye and allow for long sessions of reading or navigating. Even if you went for a colorful theme, text and font should usually stick to basic color combinations, such as black on white or white on black. After all, it’s an online-store, and people will be looking at product descriptions and prices a lot.

  • Less is more

Lastly, one thing to remember is that principle of “less is more”. You are selling products online, and you are likely to have colorful pictures of your products anyway, so don’t mix too many colors in your online store. Keep it simple, and keep it clean. Good web designers will find a way to use 2 or 3 colors, and build an entire website around those colors.

This is not to say that using more than a couple of colors is necessarily bad, but keep in mind that you are running an online business, and your eCommerce website should still retain a business-like attitude.

Whether or not you are opening up a new online store, or simply trying to get the best out of your current e-shopping platform, you must consult a reputed web design company who has years of experience in ecommerce website design service. With an experienced web design firm, you can be sure that the important factors in the design of your online store is well taken care of.

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