Why Aren’t Your Subscribers Buying From You?


Why aren’t your subscribers buying from you? If you’re into email marketing, chances are that you struggle with this problem just like many other people online. If you don’t know how to properly market products to your list, you will most likely get many people unsubscribing from your newsletter rather than purchasing anything from you. So what can you do right now to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Follow these steps to getting a more responsive list:

Give them the training they signed up for. If someone subscribes to your mailing list and you do nothing but market products, do you really think they will buy from you. No! They will find someone else to get help from. You promised them training, or something similar to it. So give them a 7 week training newsletter that takes them through the steps of solving the problem they needed help with. If you do this, I can guarantee these people will appreciate your help and be more responsive the next time you send out an email.

Offer free giveaway products. If people on your list feel that you can’t help them with their problems, offer them an incentive to stay on your list. Give them some free training that you wouldn’t give away for free. Surely these people will recognize the value and open your emails.

Engage with your subscribers. This is rather easy. Simply ask your subscribers what they need help with and respond to their emails. You’ll be surprised at how well this works. Communicating with your subscribers creates a feeling of trust between you and them. And if you want a more responsive list, you should do this often.

Send out questions for everyone. Create a feeling of community. Often times, people will be very eager to open your emails if you create a setting that is educational. Participating in group emails and discussions is a perfect way to spice things up. Make sure that you can answer their questions and create an interesting discussion. Email marketing really is about building relationships with people. The process is simple. Build a list, build a relationship with the people on that list, and then sell them products that offer real value. It’s a win win for everyone.

Stick with what feels right. If you send out an email every day, make sure that you stick with that pattern. If you send out an email once a week, do the same. The idea is to be consistent with your emailing. Do this, and watch how much better people respond.

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