Where Did My Traffic Go?


So how do you get your traffic back? Starting off I want to jump into some techniques you really need to be using and not try to ‘fix’ anything. Every time Google makes an update we all have to ‘fix’ something and the fact is, I don’t want to. I just want a following, a user base, a network, etc.

So here are the keys: Write and write articles. Get socially linked.

Get socially connected to your site. Become a blogger. And Build A Following.

1) Write articles and I mean the best and submit them to sites like the one you’re reading this on. You can and should submit your content everywhere, but the best authority sites take the lead for starters.

2) Use article marketing. This time, intelligently. We’re sick and tired of deleting crap from our directories and wiping out the accounts of “authors”

3) Get socially linked. Meaning build social bookmarks of the best quality to your site, it’s pages and to your………

4) Get socially connected. Yes, build a social hub or network. Build links to your social hubs. Examples that are in place today: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube. And yes there is a lot more and the can be interconnected and linked to. This includes submitting the RSS feeds to directories, aggregators and more.

5) Become a blogger. Again from point three – link to this. Link to your posts. Setup a twitter linking and follower base to the blog.

So to regain the traffic your website was getting from Google, you need to play by their rules and in all honesty: those rules haven’t changed all that much over the last 10 years. The only thing that’s happening is that all the ways people found of bending those rules are slowly breaking. And quite frankly, this is a TON of work but face it, I think we’re done fighting for rankings with Google. We need to build OUR business and properly utilize the resources available to do this.

Here are some secrets:

1) Don’t try and play a game with Google if you don’t understand what you’re doing. There are dozens of great black hats out there that have respect in the community, but that’s because they do their own research and they don’t start complaining publicly when Google catches them.

2) Don’t play games. If you have to read about and apply other people’s tricks, you’re probably not going to win. As the old saying goes: if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And if you’re following, then the best you can hope for is second place.

3) Get aligned with goggles rules. By getting your site re-aligned with Google’s values you’ll be ahead of the game and you’ll get traffic that is not just Google based. If you’ve lost in the Panda update and now recently lost a lot of traffic again, Google is sending you a message: your website doesn’t fit their idea of quality.

4) Fix your site and all of your issues. If Google is saying your site is not up to par (and you’ll know it) the fix that. Don’t try to remove the one or two links that you think might have hurt you. We are constantly get emails for our article directories that people are saying ‘please remove the link’, we’re moving toward organic seo. Etc. Try moving to marketing and building a following.

I sincerely hope this helps you with your Internet marketing and search engine traffic. The SEO world and SEO game is changing but it is really changing in the ways to which find you’ll find your own customer and follower base.

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