When Email Marketing Goes Wrong


I sometimes get approached by clients who have had bad experiences with email marketing, or have tried email marketing for a while and simply run out of ideas. If your email marketing is not as successful as it used to be and you’re not sure what to do next, give the following a try:

If you are always sending out promotions and asking the recipient to buy something from you, maybe it’s time to try something new. Nobody likes being sold to all of the time. Maybe invite them to read your blog, or provide some useful business hints and tips, perhaps feature a video or give away a freebie. Do something new to re-engage your subscribers.

If your current email format isn’t working, revamp it. Change the look of the email. Maybe change the style and tone of the copy. Yes you may lose some of your existing audience but you will gain a new audience too.

Revisit your segmentation strategy. Are you sending the right messages to the right people? Take a look at what you are offering in your email and direct it to client groups where there could be a need for that product or service. Don’t send the same message to everyone..people will start to switch off.

Related to revamping your email, consider running a competition with a nice little prize up for grabs. Competitions are a great way of growing your database and also re-engaging your existing customer base.

Be consistent. Emails that change in design, size, colour and format every week or month are confusing for your customer base. Follow a consistent brand theme and keep building that brand through your email strategy. This may seem slightly contradictory to the previous bullet point about revamping your email strategy, but it isn’t. Revamping an email campaign is fine… just don’t do it every week!

Ask your email subscribers what they think. If you have noticed a drop off on sales conversions through your email campaign maybe it’s time to ask them a few questions. Do a customer survey. Give them an incentive for completing a survey. If your subscribers have fallen out of love with your emails it’s probably time to woo them again!

Take a look at your website and make sure it is easy for them to sign up to your newsletter. Make the content on your website compelling so that they have a good reason for signing up to receive emails from you and so that they know what to expect. You have already whetted the appetite of those people who have signed up to receive your emails so give them what they expect and don’t disappoint.
If your email marketing strategy is no longer working, it doesn’t mean you should abandon it. Like any marketing strategy you have to test, re-evaluate, learn, and make changes. The needs, motivations and behaviours of your clients will change and you need to keep pace with this when designing your email campaigns.

If your email marketing is not living up to expectation and you need advice from an email marketing specialist who has experience of revamping campaigns and getting email strategies back on track, then please contact Hayley Cashmore on 0845 116 2723 or email info@threespiresconsulting.co.uk

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