What’s the Value of Email User Segmentation?


The value behind email segmentation is grouping your users based on preferences and behaviors that are stored in your email service provider database. This is the first step in creating successful automation campaigns. In order for a campaign to be successful, marketers must talk to the right set of customers, at the right time, and with the right messaging. Targeting the best-fitting groups of customers at the opportune time is integral for marketing growth. This targeted approach is what will ultimately drive conversions and revenue for your business.

User segmentation can be done several ways, but the best one of the best strategies is to analyze user behavior by creating filters that will move people into specific groups based on their interaction with an email. This filtering allows for users that engage with your email or complete the desired action to get a different set of messaging that those that did not take any action or did not complete the desired action. Users that engaged can be sent more specific information, a receipt if a purchase was made, or more event information if they received an event solicitation email. Users that did not take any action or did not complete the desired action are grouped separately based on open and click data to be retargeted with a different message to try reengagement.

However, ultimately if disengaged users never complete the desired action, they can always receive a final email asking for feedback on communication preferences and types of offers or events they would like to see in the future. This segmentation option allows the user to pick the type of information they want to receive. The user is prompted to choose personalized email options like desired type of newsletters, product offerings, or special offers; based on the selection, their preferences will place the them into a predefined group. Ultimately, marketers want as much information about users as possible in order to send the most effective communications.

By leveraging segmentation within your email database, marketers can create customized email marketing campaigns run by automation. Marketers can target specific messaging to specific customer groups that will increase email interaction, help drive conversions and revenue, and drive brand awareness. In fact, according to the Aberdeen group, personalized emails with relevant content improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. With that in mind, why not increase the relevancy of your emails through user segmentation?

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