What’s Email Marketing?


Email marketing means a lot of things for a lot of different people. Whether you’re using email marketing to drive sales, increase brand recognition, promote affiliate offers or otherwise, you’re missing out if you’re not doing it.

The way email marketing works is relatively simple. You capture emails and are able to contact those individuals in the future through a single email blast rather than emailing people one-by-one (which of course can take a very long time). You can get people to subscribe to your email list by offering a newsletter, a free e-Book or video series, exclusive offers or discounts, or anything else that might fit your customer or visitor’s needs.

Here are some ways to take advantage and benefit from email marketing:

1) Build a list in a particular niche. Make sure you’re an expert in the niche so the content you’re able to provide is top-notch. With so many people in the online world, providing lackluster content to subscribers means they’ll stop opening your emails, trusting you as a viable source, unsubscribe, and then your list will prove to be valueless. This also provides a perfect opportunity to promote affiliate offers to like-minded people.

2) Know who your true fans are. Whether you’re a graphic designer, musician artist, comedian, blogger, or something else, ask your followers to join your email list. This allows you to create a relationship (hopefully a positive one) with people that are interested in seeing what your next move is. Keep them updated with new trends in your industry, news about your brand, or other relevant information that your readership would be interested in. Decide whether you want to send emails weekly or monthly and keep consistent.

3) Generate leads of potential customers. Some people are impulse purchasers but the majority of people aren’t. They might really like something and want to buy it online, but decide not to until the days or weeks following. Chances are even if they really are enticed by your product or service, if they leave, they’re not coming back. If you’re able to grab their email before they depart however you can follow up with them several days or a week later. Remind them about the perks of what you’re selling, offer a discounted rate, or offer some other sort of incentive to draw them back to your landing page.

4) Tell current customers about new products and services (or blog posts if you’re a blogger) you’re on the verge of releasing. Every time you release something new you can instantly draw a lot of attention, publicity, and hopefully a lot of sales. Even incentivize them to spread the word and create a viral effect. Plus, if someone has purchased something from you in the past and still reads your emails (thus being a happy customer), chances are they may purchase from you again. Repeat customers are hugely profitable.

5) Generate a profitable list by building a high number of opt-ins then charge others (those looking to sell something) a price to send an email about their product. You don’t want to send more than 2 or 3 offers a week or your list will become saturated, but you can also incorporate great content as well to combat this. For example you could provide a great read in an email, and at the end, put a plug in about the product or service you were just paid to promote. Make sure to relate the email and what you’re promoting or otherwise there will be a large disconnect. Lists of several thousand targeted people can charge in the hundreds of dollars to send a single email!

These are just some ways that email marketing can be greatly beneficial and there are certainly many more. Some of the people making the most money online says they wish they would have started building their list from the start. Don’t make their mistake and begin building a list now… but make sure to have a direct focus. Decide what you want to build your list on (i.e. what type of people you want to subscribe), and make benchmarks where you want to be in 1 month, 3 months, and so on, to keep you focused and goal-driven.

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