What to Know Before Hiring an Email Marketing Firm


Where and how do you think all these social networking sites came into such popularity so quickly? Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook and the like all command social media with a lot of import, but the fact remains that internet users more than ever depend on emails to stay connected to the world. The short and straight answer is email marketing is certainly one of the most important aspects for a successful business and to generate repeat revenue. All forms of businesses are fast adapting to email marketing campaigns for its proven benefits. Besides being a strong promotional strategy, it also enables companies to build their credibility and presence as part of networking opportunities.

Email campaigns continue to timelessly outperform other methods of marketing. Email outperforms its competitor in direct mail with its much lower cost alternatives and ease, without the need for consuming resources, printing headaches, postage and expensive graphic designers. Also considered to be a top digital activity as compared to others means of online communication modes like search, social, texting, and phone calling, the email marketing tool is exponentially growing at a mushrooming pace.

Let’s look at what makes it stronger with time and what certifies it to stay here long-term:

Creating an email mailing list is faster, more direct and easier as compared to any other mode of collecting consumer contact information.

There is an opportunity to personalize email campaigns to get away from the impersonality of bulk mailings.

It is more cost effective as compared to any other form of direct marketing, including pricey bulk mail or traditional marketing channels.

If you build your email list, it becomes a business asset, in that you can easily track and measure revenue streams and tweak future campaigns based on what really works.

Delivery time is almost instant in an email message, straight into the inbox-es of those subscribers waiting to hear from you.

There is a possibility of generating repeat business and effective lead generation.
Response time is also short.

This is why partnering with a professional email marketing firm with industry experience is a wise bet. However, you must be inquisitive before getting associated with just any establishment that claims to take care of your email needs. Here’s how:

  • How much does it cost? There are no ways about the fact that budget is certainly a factor to consider. If it suits your wallet, you can check it off.
  • Try not to get stuck in a contract. While most email marketing companies offer discounted rates for yearlong contracts paid ahead of time, month to month memberships that renew are a safe bet to easily cancelling services with a provider and picking up with another.
  • Ask the team at the respective email marketing company about the level of technical support provided by them. Is phone support or tech support offered?
  • How long would it take to show campaign results and stats once the email is sent? A professional company would definitely have a well laid out design of strategies to be involved while doing email marketing and have definitive answers as to the scope of their stats.
  • How active and proactive is their team in terms of content or spam filters, or other troubleshooting?
  • How robust is their infrastructure?
  • How frequently can you send?
  • How many campaigns may be in cue at any given time?
  • How much can you personalize and email, in terms of color options, text placement, inclusion of links and graphics, the addition of logos to available header options, etc.
  • Would there be a free trial period or a free account before practically applying the strategies or committing to a paid account? Would the free trial offer access to all the fully loaded features?
  • Do they have current privacy practices and anti-spam policies in place to filter spam and unauthorized communications?

While you look out for a leading email marketing company, research of the market extensively is vital. Recommendations always work best when it comes to making the best pick in such matters. Hence, stay wary and make a wise choice at all times to reap maximum profits for your business.

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