What Sells the Most on the Marketplace in India



It is well-known that the E-commerce market in India is growing by leaps and bounds and the country has become a hot bed for global retailers to expand their online business. The year of 2017, this market is about to make a cool $38 billion, registering a growth rate of 60 percent from the previous year.

Why Is India Preferred By E-Commerce Retailers Over Other Destinations?

The number of dialects found in India is 720, but it also has to be accepted that English is the most predominant foreign language spoken in all the States.

Which Products Sell The Most In Indian E-Commerce Websites?

There is a business proverb – larger the customer base, bigger will be the fight in sales.

Every question, pondered over and over by a novice retailer aspiring to break into the online market will be “what to sell?.” But expert Christ Anderson (editor of Wired Magazine) has clarified in a discussion that every product has its own share of value in the market, regardless of niche.

When comparing the trends, you get two types of products –

The first type of product will have huge demand, and there will be immense competition to promote your website online among the top business conglomerates. As a businessman you need to know the “if” and “buts” of success in sales to make a strong presence in the online market.

The second type of product will be one with less demand, but in sales, you can earn profits. The challenge, will be, however to know the details of the product, the earnings you can make and the market.

According to a survey, compiled by the global search engine Google from the customer search data, the products mentioned below are highly searched online to make a purchase.

They are

Baby Care (2%)

Healthcare (3%)

Home (along with Furnishing) – (6%)

Beauty combined with Personal Care (10%)

Books (15%)

Apparel/Accessories (30%)

Electronics (34%)

However, when it comes to buying online, there is but a slight change in the list. Surprised? Kindly have a look –

Apparel/Accessories – 84%

Electronics – 71%

Beauty along with personal care – 64%

Books – 62%

Household products – 61%

As per both the lists shown above, it is quite clear, that the highest sales are in the apparel and clothing sector with more Indian customers taking a liking to international clothing brands. The e-commerce business in India has completely changed the face of traditional advertising and in recent times, more and more companies are involved in digital marketing to promote their brands.

The stage has also been perfectly set as the e-commerce sector has been nurtured to its full bloom in recent years due to hefty investments. This was done by home-grown players such as SnapDeal, FlipKart and by international e-commerce titans, such as Alibaba and Amazon. Competing fiercely to hold a share in the market, these companies have spent millions to design a perfect e-commerce infrastructure in the form of local outposts, warehousing and logistics. This infrastructure has no doubt, helped even the persons in rural parts make purchases online as their products will be delivered safely on their doorstep with the option, cash-on-delivery.

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