What Search Engines Expect To Find On Your Website


Search engines can make or break your online presence, and with the businesses moving to the web as a global marketplace, poor search results can mean life and death to your business. And it’s not just about getting listed, but about enjoying a high ranking. That’s the only way you can convert traffic into dollars. But how do you accomplish this lofty goal? Well, it begins and ends with the quality of the material that is on your site.

See, the algorithms that sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are much more advanced today than they were in the early days of surfing activity. While at one time you could have loaded your site with invisible keywords that didn’t factor into the content, search engine intuition has gotten to the point where it can tell when you are using these so-called “black hat” marketing techniques. Using “black hat” techniques can quickly get your site banned from the search engine altogether, and that is a deathblow to any future success.

In order to take fewer chances and get your site noticed for the right reasons, you need to be pouring all your energy and passion into the content itself. That’s what Google, Yahoo, and Bing will be looking for when examining your site to see if it is relevant to a specific search ranking. In order to produce the best content possible, you should sit down and brainstorm around 30 topics to begin with that someone at your site may find interesting. Keep in mind that your audience finds you based on specific search terms, so make sure that you are targeted in your ideas.

Once you have your list ready, it is time to start producing quality content. You can either do this yourself or farm it out to professional writers and technology experts. Decide which avenue your budget will best allow and then begin building content that targets keywords in a responsible, informative, or even entertaining manner. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. This is a sign of “black hat” marketing, and while it may not get you booted as other techniques will, it will tell the search engines that you do not have anything worthwhile to say.

Be honest and forthright in the material that you produce, and try to come up with a healthy mix of articles, videos, an podcasts. Remember, your visitors have a variety of different tastes and expectations. Appealing to all of them will increase the likelihood of building a following. And building a following is essential if you hope to be around for years to come on the World Wide Web. Win the trust of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and the rest will fall into place.

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