What Percentage of Emails Should Be Value Based?


What is meant by email marketing that is value based? Email of this kind is a subdivision of content marketing. It gives information that creates an interest in a product or service. It anticipates what the questions and problems are of a targeted market and offers solutions.

One hundred percent of all emails sent for marketing purposes should be of the value type. This means that they should be chock full of informational material that delights and compels a reader to read through the entire email. The reader should be able to refer to the correspondence as a reference of the subject matter that it covers. Following this rule is good for the reader as well as the sender.

Why is sending marketing emails that are value based good for the sender? Well, let’s ask ourselves, what is the purpose of sending these types of emails? Some might say that the purpose of sending these types of emails is to advertise a product and eventually sell it. Selling a product is one of the end goals but it goes a litter deeper than that. The purpose of an email sent for marketing purposes is to solve the reader’s problem by offering solutions through a promoted product or service. The key phrase is “to solve the reader’s problem. The main question that the reader will have when opening a marketing email is “What’s in this email for me?” The reader is concerned with the needs of him or herself. The marketer needs to be able to anticipate what these needs are. If the marketer is smart enough to anticipate the problems of his/her targeted market and offer solutions in an email then that marketer stands a greater chance of the reader clicking the links within the email and even buying a product. The more the marketer adds value by providing solutions the more trust is built with the reader. The more trust that is built with the reader the more the reader is likely to open emails from that sender and the more likely the reader is to buy from that sender.

Why is value-based marketing emails good for the reader? Well this is a simple question to answer. Most people who have opted in to a list and receive emails meant for marketing are often very busy on the internet. They spend time searching the web reading blogs and websites trying to find answers to everything from gardening to web design. What a pleasure it is when they open an email and find solutions to their problems. It is especially nice for the reader when they open an email from a vendor and find something of value instead of just a pitch for them to buy something.

Value based email marketing finds a common ground between the seller and the potential buyer. It offers ideas and sought after solutions to the reader while providing a place for the seller to offer goods and services. In a marketing world where the “traditional” marketing email will most often be routed to the “trash” emails that are full of value find their way saved into labeled folders for future access and exposure to links to the seller’s products and/or services.

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