What Makes Search Engine Marketing the Best Form of Advertising?


When you are in business you really have to strive hard to make your products and business known to your intended customers. Advertising is this method of having your product’s presence known and the different modes are through print and billboard advertising, radio, television and other advertising methods.

If you are into online businesses though there is no difference because you still have to make your products known to internet users. And in an online business, internet marketing can be in the form of search engine marketing which can be a better form of advertising than the other traditional methods such as newspaper ads, billboards, radio and television.

Print and newspaper ads may not reach your intended customers because they may not have seen your ads or read these. And people who have seen your ads may not have the intended reasons to make acquisitions because they have no use of your products and no motivation to do so.

Radio advertisements also may not reach your intended customers because the targeted customers are not listening to the radio ads. This is also the same situation with television advertisements because the targeted customers also may not be watching the particular programs where your ads are placed.

With newspaper, radio, and television ads you are actually pushing yourself to catch the customers’ attention. With this kind of traditional advertising methods you are actually bombarding customers with your product information, which may have an effect in the long term because of constant exposure and retentions.

With internet marketing or specifically search engine marketing, the customers are the ones making intentions of buying or if they are not, it may be easier to get them motivated to buy because they are making related queries in their searches. With internet marketing the customers are coming to you while in traditional marketing methods you are pushing yourself to the customers’ minds.

Your internet ad or your search engine marketing ads through pay per click advertisements are present all the time in the web, 24 hours a day, for people to see whenever they are actually in the mood to make searches. People who are seeking products related to what you are offering can have good chances of seeing your ads and the fact they are already motivated can be an advantage on your side.

This makes it an advertising vehicle with more advantages than the traditional form of advertising because the targeted customers are the ones making the initiative. Targeted customers are ready to make acquisition decisions or may be very close to making these purchases.

These customers already being interested or slightly motivated may have problems only on finding or figuring out where to get the products. Internet marketing really is of a different concept than the other traditional methods because the customers are looking for you, not you looking for customers.

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