What Makes A Quality Spam-Free Email Reseller Worth It?


Entrepreneurs and business owners have to make many decisions just to get their company started. One item that needs careful thought is email and the services that it can offer a business. Some companies consider setting up their email on their own and this may work for a few businesses. Many companies do not have a dedicated web or email design staff, so it can be difficult to set up your own email services. This is one of the things that makes a quality spam-free email reseller great. Often, they will do all of the legwork to set up the email service, and you get the benefits. But what is an email reseller and what makes them quality? Here are a few things to look for before choosing.

What an Email Reseller Is

A quality spam-free email reseller is a service that uses a previous, large hosting service, and partitions a part of their data or plan to creating email services for other business like you. They will set up the email services, provide technical support, and will usually be much cheaper than purchasing your own domain service. It is important that you choose a reseller that has a reputation for quality and spam-free service. Some resellers take the opportunity to steal your email information, or sell accounts to other third party spam pages.

How Do You Know They Are Quality?

There are many listing pages that can help you determine if a service is a quality spam-free email reseller. They usually list according to reputation. These listings are rated based on customer service, whether or not the seller uses your information to sell, and how much they usually charge. There may also be customer testimonials about the particular reseller. Take the time to read through these, as a customer’s opinion is likely to mirror your own future experiences. It’s important to also read any bad reviews you may come across so you know what pitfalls may be there.

Be sure to check how long a quality spam-free email reseller has been in operation. This can be a great indicator as to the level of service they can provide, how many happy customers they have dealt with, and how experienced they are when dealing with technical problems. An email reseller generally provides the years in operation right on their page or service listing, so be sure to search out this information before choosing the perfect service. However, this is not the end-all be-all, as a new email reseller may be more dedicated to providing great service so they can increase their reputation for the future.

It is very important to consider your email reseller carefully, as an unscrupulous service may be using this as a way to get personal and professional information out of your email. Many of these resellers, in turn, sell this information to third parties, which only serve to send out spam messages in hope you buy their product.

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