What Makes a Good Email Campaign


Email marketing is an essential tool for anyone doing internet marketing or advertising their business online. Keeping track of your previous customers and being able to contact potential customers is invaluable to your business and marketing therefore it is absolutely essential to maintain a good email campaign. What makes a good email campaign? This article will tell you what makes a good email campaign and how to get it.

1. Willing Participants

If your email recipients do not recognize your company, they are very unlikely to respond positively to your emails. At best, they’ll glance at the email and delete it. At worst, they’ll mark you as spam and get you into hot water with various spam lists. That’s why building a good, quality list is far more valuable than a huge list of people that don’t already know you… which leads to the next point.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Having 100 good leads that love your company is more valuable than having 1000 leads that have never heard of you. Make sure the email addresses you are gathering are people that are interested in services like yours. Buying email addresses isn’t a cardinal sin or anything but you’re not going to get anywhere if that is all you have. Someone who has heard of you is going to be a lot easier to market to.

3. Make Your Emails Worth The Time It Takes To Read Them

If you’re not delivering something of value, then your leads will quickly move on. If you can give them something for free, do it. If you can give them some advice or tips related to your industry, do it. Keep the customer anticipating your next email, then when you make the pitch or give them a call to action, it makes sense in the context of your email conversation. Constantly hearing offers will not likely go over well with many people.

4. Ask For The Sale

Sales 101. If you don’t ask for the sale, don’t expect to get it. Make a clear, concise call to action at the end of your emails. Tell them what to do. If you make a good argument for your product, demonstrate the value, completely sell them on the idea, and then forget to tell them exactly what to do, you may lose that opportunity and waste the effort.

These are the main components of a good email campaign. Leads who voluntarily joined your list and leads who know who you are will make it very easy to get people to read your emails. Providing value with each email will keep them reading your emails and paying attention. Asking for the sale will get your readers to take action and become your customers.

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