What Is The Google Secret For Getting Free Traffic?


As any good webmaster knows, a site without traffic is useless. While it is relatively easy to create a website, getting traffic to a site is a bit more challenging. Submitting the site to various search engines is important; however, this is time consuming unless a person pays for an automated search engine submission service. However, one can take advantage of the ‘Google secret’ and get traffic via Google.

Google AdSense enables a website builder to get traffic to his or her site. While this form of advertising is effective, it also costs money. However, there are some free methods for getting traffic to a website via Google.

Google News is a good site to use. All you have to do is get on this site and recommend your website as a good source of news. However, you should be prepared to update your site at least once every 30 days or it will lose its ranking. Submitting a press release to PRWeb.com is another way to get more traffic to a site. All these press releases on this site are indexed by Google.

One should also use Google Images. Google Images can benefit anyone who has photos on his or her website. All you have to do is submit the images to Google Image with relevant text. Be sure this text has the right keywords so that it will get good ratings and drive traffic to the site.

One should also take advantage of Google Sitemap. This program will not only bring in traffic but also provide the site owner with a lot of useful reports. A person will need to open a Google account into order to use Sitemap; however, opening an account with Google is free and easy to do. After the account has been opened, you will need to prove that you are in fact the owner of the website and then you just have to follow the directions on the page.

Submitting content to Google Base is another good way to drive traffic to the site. Your content is sure to show up on Google if you submit it to Google Base. You can submit an article or even pictures. Be sure to choose the keywords and title carefully, as this will have a bearing on how much traffic you will get. You are also allowed to add your website address and it is a good idea to do so.

You can also use Google Books to get free traffic. If you have written a book, you do not have to submit the entire book to Google Books, although you can if you want to. Just submit as much of the book as you would like and then post the address for your website. It is important that the book has the right keywords so that it will attract the right type of traffic. You will need to get an ISBN number in order to post anything on Google Books. An alternative is to use the Froogle Google site instead, although you could also post parts of a book on both sites.

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