What Is The Future of Email?


The average business person gets about 50 emails per day. When they open their email and see all that “junk”, all they do is glance through the titles and/or who is sending the email, and delete what they don’t want immediately without even opening the email. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get any work done.

So what is an internet marketer suppose to do to get their messages out to the masses? One important step for the marketer is to get back to the basics of network marketing. By that I mean direct networking with people. Get to know them. Have a personal relationship so they recognize your name and they will expect an email from you.

Everywhere you go, even grocery shopping, you run into people and you can strike-up a conversation. Of coarse, you don’t immediately pitch your product, you first get to know if the person is open to chit-chat. Friendly people are open to friendly conversation. The conversation can work its way around to the business you are offering. If they seem interested, ask if they would like you to send them more information and get their email address. Getting a phone number usually makes people uncomfortable and you want to develop trust, so I would suggest handing them your business card instead. You will leave a professional opinion of yourself if your conversation is short and sweet.

So after meeting your potential prospect, you can send him/her a text message. But, do you really think that even after you went through meeting your prospect, that a long and boring email is going to inspire them to purchase your product? That prospect still has the option to decide they do not want to waste their time reading your email and delete it.

May I suggest a new approach. Consider sending a video email that is specifically customized to their business or interest. Video emails are today’s best marketing tool. You can excite anyone in a 2-minute video. A busy person who would usually delete a 2-minute to read text document, would take the time to watch a 2-minute video. People are “visual”. People like to see and hear a message. Video is here to stay and video emails are the future. That is why YouTube is so popular. Video excites and entertains people. The young entrepreneur would much rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.

So where can you get or how do you create video emails?

Well, you can get someone to create for you a program, but that costs a lot of money. It’s important to also compare what’s available on the internet.

Internet Marketers if you want to get with the 21st century, start using video in your marketing online. You will see your business responses increase in opt-in replies and sales. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Getting the message to the consumer is what it’s all about. If they don’t READ what your message is, then they need to SEE and HEAR what your message is. You can only do that with video products.

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