What Is SEM? Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is all about optimizing paid traffic sources.

Assuming you are familiar with SEO and organic visibility, but just don’t have the time to develop that presence online. Then your solution is to consider paying for your traffic to come to your website, or paying for leads, and there are many different ways to draw that traffic.

Depending on your unique business, and where your prospects are engaging on the internet is where you’ll want to find them to draw them to your site via advertising.

  • Paid Search Listings – allow you to place an advert in the sponsored sections when people type in a keyword in the search bar.
  • Content Network advertising – allows you to place an advert within other people’s websites, targeted by their relevance to your product.
  • Social Network Advertising – allows you to place adverts within the coffee shop of online networking, targeting groups of people by their likes and interests.
  • Remarketing – Is a strategy whereby you hone in and readvertise to people that have already shown an interest in your site by their behavior. For example when they abandon a shopping cart.
  • Geographies, Behavioral Timezones, all come into play on where you will pick up the traffic.

Already there is an array of different forms of finding relevant paid traffic to your site, and Juliana can advise on the method best suitable for your business and budget.

Within each type of advertising field, there are different methods of bidding Pay-Per-Click (PPC) being the mostly commonly understood. But depending on whether you are seeking brand awareness, or distributing a cheap offer, bidding may be set up as CPM (for the number of impressions rather than clicks your ad is shown) or CPA (bidding where you only pay for acquisition of a goal being a sign up or lead)

Running an ad campaign can require careful analytics to optimize the click-through, and this is easier done through an agent acting on your behalf, as managing an advertising campaign can distract you from looking after your own business.

Search Engine Marketing Example Differences

Professional Coaching and Training Industry; B to B advertising; Social Network Advertising; Display Network and Search Network Advertising; Brand Awareness Advertising – CPM, CPA bid Management

Film Production Services Industry; B to B Advertising; Remarketing; Professional Social Network Advertising; PPC Management

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