What Is Online Marketing and How Does It Work?


A question that we get asked a lot by clients and other web designers is, what is online marketing? And how does it differ from SEO? Well within this article we aim to explain online marketing and what it can do for you.

Online Marketing

Online marketing does contain small attributes of SEO but rather than lifting a website higher in the search engine results it is aimed at getting lots of people to see the site both within the search engine results and outside. There are a number of ways in which this can be done:

• Pay Per Click Campaign
• Press Release Submission
• Social Media
• Article Submission

A well structured Pay Per Click campaign can see a dramatic rise in website traffic and a high return on investment. Your adverts will appear in various positions depending on the amount you pay per advert. Yes you are paying for clicks with this system but it can be a very effective way to get good qualified traffic and is used by some of the biggest online retailers.

Press release writing and submission is very effective for creating awareness and traffic. The press release has to be attention grabbing and newsworthy but when it is submitted to some strong PR sources you can find yourself getting into news areas such as Google news which really does boost traffic and awareness.

Social media is an absolute must for any modern day website. Using applications such as Twitter and Facebook can really increase your brands awareness. It also allows you to interact with your users to find out what they want from you. Social media is here to stay and with it being completely free to use, you cannot ignore it.

Article writing and submission can really pull in some well targeted traffic. Just writing on a subject within your industry can lead to increased awareness of you as a subject and of course your business. Remember that you cannot write an article like a press release it cannot contain links and the publicising of your company name or website.

When online marketing is combined with a search engine optimisation campaign the results can be tremendous with an increase in traffic, higher search engine results and better brand awareness.

The online marketing techniques mentioned here can be carried out by yourself, which reduces any costs but they are time consuming to learn. If you have any doubts contact a reputable search engine optimisation company who will be able to advise you and carry out any of the above.

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